Poor Rich’s Last Rant

— Poor Rich’s Last Rant…NOT —

This is the last rant under the Poor Rich’s signature, from now on it will be Tomidjah’s rants.

I won’t stop pouring my heart on my sleeve, if that’s the way to change the world, then I’m going to do it.

Just be as blatantly honest to the point of rudeness in my insensitivity, but I’m not consciously doing it, I’m not that rude, but from what people tell me, I’m that rude.

It seems there is so much that people call toxic with their fears and judgments, the toxicity of their fears and judgments cloud their consciences, so that they are living in the clouds, like chemtrails pouring toxicities on the earth. What is the list of the chemicals that they use for weather manipulation? It’s long and always changing, cause they are experimenting.

The world is a toxic soup, combining different cultures, languages, religions, and politics…I could go on and on, but I’ll just say ETC. The wars is setting the heat on high and boiling the liquids to cover the world with a mist, a fog, so that they have cover to hide while you’re dealing with the war.

The cultures, languages, etc. are what make up the liquids of this soup/brew. You can burn the soup, so that no one enjoys it. It will have no taste, but a bad one.

The lies and blames are the settings of the burners, the more lies that are revealed, causes more blame, and that causes friction in society, which in turn causes the heat to rise. Anyone who cooks knows the higher the heat, the more the liquid or solid sticks to the pan/pot.

So when the lies come to light revealing the truths, and blame is the motivating force, then you know what is going to happen, if you don’t stir the pot, it will stick to the bottom of the pot.

There is so much more to understand about war, and it’s toxicity to the human population, but I don’t understand it at all, so I won’t try to convey that understanding, cause I’m at a loss for words to put it in a good light.

I’m at the end of the ideas to convey my rant, and take the tension off of my shoulders, now I’ll go waste more time on FB to get ready for bed, and start another day on this sick sick sick planet, which I hope heals before I go. If not I’ll be in spiritual form, or “I’ll be back” as Arnold says.