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This is the new Daesh (ISIS) map presented they want more than the middle east. It’s a snake eating their own tail.

They want more and more, till they’re not satisfied, and even “Allah Akbar” is not satisfied with what they do. They are hypocrites to the max.

I believe in God, but I’ll never make known by what I know about God.

The mystery, that is, God.


If a man knows God, he’d be dead. That is Daesh’s message that we know by their actions, they introduce you to God. Well, more like the Devil impersonating God.

They lie continually disabling truth, and replacing the truth’s effect on the world with lies.

Whether it’s a NWO plot, or just madmen terrorizing, claiming they are God’s messengers, it’s a danger all the same. With every head they chop off, they witness of their message. Which is of Death, not Life.


Father of Lies

The Father of lies is Satan, and it must be their father also. Cause they believe in lies and want to impose it on the world by force, instead of love. Where you can choose your own religion that honors God, not flatter God with despicable acts. Which is against the commandments God gave Moses on the mountain in the desert.  You shall not kill, but they kill over and over, and they want more land to loot.

“Power corrupts”, which is forgotten and denied, by those in power… which makes them corrupt, a self fulfilling prophecy.


“Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”  — William Pitt the Elder


I‘m talking to all the servants of Satan, those belonging to the state too, as well as the terrorists. The politicians are quick to lie too, they paint themselves as holy too, though they don’t preach a religion. They serve “the father of lies”.