IP madness in the Clouds

— IP madness in the Clouds —


canned-phone-568057_640The SPAM servers line the Clouds with a silver lining… a tarnished silver.

I need a polished silver lining… tarnished silver is full of dirtiness covering the shine of silver’s truth, with lies and misrepresentations. I am true, but you make me suffer the lies.

An army of Madness, against an ignorant individual taking potshots in the shadows of technology.

An army with their heads in the clouds, atomic clouds, if they aren’t careful.

I’m growing indifferent to figuring it out, I want to retreat into my shell, and watch you doom yourselves with your indifferences to the global situations. Judging others when you should judge yourselves.

Time —- passes——……. zzzzzzZZZZZZ


Another day passed, and I still feel indifferent, but looking a little more positive on the situations in my life… a positive indifference, if that is possible. The indifferences in the clouds like lightning shorting out, and looking for the closest ground, and in the post you hear the news like thunder, echoing the strikes.

Well enough analogies, to make sense of my indifferences, cause I don’t care to care…which is the classic apathy of all.

Spam is in the clouds, and it will be in there from now on… since 2008… and I don’t see it getting clearer, it’s overcast. Spammers look to get around the walls we put up, like telemarketers are looking to get around the no call lists.


Youtube is a spamming site, they make you do something, and then take it away with no warning. The subscription libraries that you create, they took that away… without warning.

Well it’s free, so I don’t have anything to complain about, but I won’t be so quick to participate in the future. I hate wasting my time, and will go and give up and leave the proud to their doom.

I sound indifferent to the max… and I’m wondering if the whole cloud thing is a waste of my time, cause I’ve had the same feelings about it as the the Internet when it first appeared, I was into computers and the whole BBS things before it became the Internet.

I saw problems with the security, and everyone was saying “Rich, you’re too paranoid”, but I was right and the security companies were on the rise, and are still rising, the fake ones along with the real ones.

It’s like competing for the king of the intelligence hill, it makes you wonder what’s it all for? IDK!

The only thing I feel good about is indifference… but it depresses me in the end. You never win, you only think you win in some delusional thoughts, but you’re trapped in a continuous storm, and the storm grows stronger and stronger, the more you fight it alone.

No one sees the world like I do, and everyone sees the world like I do… it’s a conundrum of my life… and I’m left with my head in the clouds… vying for space(IPs) that isn’t labeled as spam…cause I’m not a spammer.