— Expertise : The common thought of Mankind —


Expertise, the classic thought of everyone giving their opinion on the subject they choose to open their mouths on.

The arrogance of everyone that chooses to open their opinion in public, and being judged as rude to display it in a redirecting method, and insulting someone talking in a condescending tone.

The presentation method in expressing your opinions determines the judgments that you face. Truth is always misunderstood, always seen as rude, unless they water it with politeness. Diluting it with politeness makes it more palatable to swallow.

There it goes, the presentation is important to getting the message across.


Watching What Would You Do all freaking day, and I came to tears in this episode, that’s right, I’m not afraid to cry. When you at your wits end, we need a helping hand. Someone asking you a stupid question, though they feel stupid asking the question, but their concern about your problems is a sign of hope for humanity.

We just need an expertise in social situations, then the world has hope.

The despair that is going on in the world today, is caused by misunderstandings. We need to present the truth without misunderstandings. The raw truth is hurtful, and the responses to raw truth is sometimes war in the political situations, and divorce in the individual sense.

You need to dilute the truth with a sincere politeness, or otherwise you’re being a phony and burying the truth, so that it’s not effective. There is a balance with the truthful concern in the politeness factor, it keeps the phony motivation at bay, and the raw truth becomes effective, as long as it’s not rude… but I’m always rude, but I’d rather be rude, than lie.

I have a problem WWYD, it’s sincere, when they setup a bad scene, though I have questions do they reveal to everyone, that this is a TV show? I see many episodes where the people walk away.

I kept on watching WWYD on the youtube channel, and I’m sure I haven’t watched all the episodes. I’m thinking again like a psych expert, and I’m 50% – 50% it’s good and bad. I’m only looking at the good aspects of the show. Does it make people stand up for righteousness or looking for fame, now that people know the show, and if it’s not the show how many are killed for their nosiness?

I’m left with questions with my “inquiring mind”.

People with a good heart involve themselves, with the good in mind and heart, but there are people that walk buy on the road to somewhere else, but they glance all the same.

I made a collection of videos of WWYD… and everyone trickling the waters of my eyes… I seen many I can relate to, and it brings it to the public mind in a good way. Some shows are badly written, and causes the bad… which I didn’t include in the collection.

You might see a different perspective in those shows, and gain some benefit, but I’m only one man with the views that I have, but if you see the benefit, then so be it.

Expertise in society, is everyone… we all live life on different levels, like Lemmings(video game Lemmings) following the lead Lemming, but WWYD displays the lead Lemmings, and it shows our indifference to the problems, and the courage of the Anti-Lemming mentality someone who stops and stares, and does something about it.

Love is the expertise of life, and patience and truth is the strongest points of love. Foreigners made up this country, everyone from all around the world, came here looking for the opportunities of freedom. Though that is questionable… we make up laws restricting our freedoms, so that is the questionable part of freedom.

We have to love first, love is not sexual… it’s only the sweet treats of love, but you don’t have to be in love to have sex, ask any prostitute. Love is a principle… and we need integrity.


“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Emma Lazarus