Western Media Madness : Biased or Not

— Western Media Madness : Biasness Distortions —


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Middle East, China, Africa, and Russia, they’re displayed as different from the western cultures, but they’re the other people that make up the global dynamics of this planet.


One world govt is what we have to deal with, it’s inevitable.

We need to obscure the borders between each other.  We should learn to cooperate with each other, to make that happen.


We’re seeking cooperation in space explorations with other countries. We all have our prejudices that we must overcome. We must not judge them to be inferior, cause you might be surprised by your own inferiority to the individuals you judge.

There may be some truth to the stories, but there are many truths that are not told by the western media, cause they’re not eye catching. They don’t suit the western media’s purposes, so they’re covered up.


“The most dangerous of all falsehoods is a slightly distorted truth.”  G.C. Lichtenberg



In Africa you see the continuous news stories of starving children. Ebola virus, or the HIV infections, and the western media is showing them, as that’s all there is to Africa. The minds of the everyday people of the U.S. can’t imagine the nature of the cities of Africa. They are much like our cities.

The urban nature of mankind isn’t much different than from all around the world. Urbanizing the populations is like sticking people in bottles, and supplying the food, and commerce that is produced outside that urban environment.

When someone is responsible for growing their own food, rather than going to the supermarket to buy their own food, then reality sets in. The farmers live in the farmland, and the other people live in the urban environment. The twain do not mix well. They have their time limit. You hear them both say: “It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”


Megalopolis is another word describing one big city upon another big city. So that there is no natural land in between the two, making the borders undetectable. It was written about many times from different people, but I first heard about it from some fellow traveler riding on a Trailways bus, reading a book that told him about it. I don’t know what the book was called.

Cities are made of people, along with concrete buildings, and the asphalt of the streets. The mainstream western media is bias in their views. They serve the profits, and their greeds.

We just substituted profits for prophets. It still is, the blind leading the blind. We just changed our Gods, or just a facsimile of our God.


Political Motivations of Spin

I don’t know much of the political systems, except their corruptions and scandals, which are produced by the western media. Well, all media in general.

I think that’s the core of the corruptions, or a major part of the moving parts of corruptions in the political systems. The media is blaming the media actors, and they’re wasting your time blaming others, and causing more prejudices of each other.

The spin of the story or every news story, it’s distorted to serve the juiciness of the fruit. To make it more appealing, and boost their ratings. Spin is the major character of propaganda and manipulation. Propaganda is what we deal with everyday. It infects all the data that make up our lives.

I’m trying to spin the data to give me a good score on my SEO with Yoast, and I have a lot of grammatical errors that lowers my score. It’s very political correctness, that I don’t want to do.


The spin is in control of our lives. A major manipulator of the consequences of our lives. We seek to do right, but we seek the profit, rather than what’s right. Ethical practices go into the dark hole of the future, much like the religious practices did to what was ethical, during the crusades and inquisition times.

Political motivations of spin to serve a purpose through talking points, is going on with every news story. They give you only a small portion of the facts, to serve their agendas. Thus, causing you to make assumptions on incomplete facts.


Spin doctors in motion

Manipulations of the western media is a trademark of propaganda. It was designed that way. It’s been that way, since time began. Only under another nation’s cultures and religions.

Throughout history only the names change. Terminology is a constant death and rebirth. The technology is always the same. They have to give it a new name, to sell it

Political manipulations has a new terminology, but the deceptions and corruptions don’t change. They just receive new names, to make it appear new.

It takes an army to place it in motion. Preferably, an army of robots that don’t argue the wrongs of the situation. Just spinning algorithms to define their paths.

With the ethical practices of freedom, the press is quickly going into defensive mode to guard their practices of distorting the facts. Spins in motion, is majorly distorting the facts to serve their very dark agendas.


We seek the right light, and live in the wrong darkness, and spin it fastly, so that it’s a blur.

— unknown




“There is always some distortion in the re-telling of any story.”
Marty Rubin


I chose this subject to write on, cause it made sense to me at the birth of the idea, but like my life, it has changed over time.

I see spin in everything. The data is manipulative at the least, and dangerous at the most.

There is no happy medium, except a party, but that’s dangerous too. There can be too many parties, where you’re left feeling complacent, and don’t see the dangers coming over the hill.


Fear is another danger.

The western media is always peddling fear. It feeds it to the dumb and green, like a weed killer. You don’t see it at first, but the destruction of the soul is at hand. Fear decays the soul with age, and death draws closer. The inevitable is victorious in the end… but I don’t believe in death. I will fight it, till the end. I may not win, but I will piss it off.

The truth is murdered everyday by the press, but they’ve the right to write about it. The people choose what they want, cause that is true freedom. We have lies and truth to discern from in this life, and choose our own paths. Whether it’s a rocky path or a smooth road, we should choose it.

We should fight for truth, nobody likes being lied to. Do you?


Well, I don’t know what else to write about for a very complex subject of the western media. In fact, all the media. The western media is like the eastern media, it’s all propaganda. They tell lies and truths, masked as facts. It’s a world of power hungry fools leading us into ditches that we become trapped in.