Elections Farces : Elections Forces

— Elections Farces : Elections Forces —


Election farces is a run of the mill everyday event, on the societal stages of the world nowadays.

Here in the U.S. we have a stage of wannabe presidents. Who have more experiences of messing things up, if anything. The stages should be full of all the presidential hopefuls, instead of just the corporate choices.

We have two stooges to choose from. They’ll solve our problems, if we vote for them. They need a party to back them with the $$$.

I’ve seen it every election cycle for the president. Where we have two main choices that are backed by the elephants and jackasses. Whether there is a third party, such as the libertarian party or the green party. They’ll be just the tumors growing on the two main wings.


Also, the frauds going on in elections with the voting election machines that have been proven. Also, proven to be the most insecure, and are completely hackable.

In the old days, when there were the paper ballots, they left paper trails. When they’re in the digital realm, there is no hard copy.


Elections are local scandals, and global catastrophes. The more gruesome, the better.

I spoke of devils living here, and that’s the actors on the stages of today.

From the only Shakespeare book I read in college called The Tempest. There is this quote by Ariel of the king’s son Ferdinand  “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here!”. I say the same thing, watching the second debate between Hillary and the Donald.


Here is the 2nd debate:



Conclusion of the Presidential Elections Farces

After watching the debate tonight, I’m going to vote for the third party candidate Gary Johnson.

Though I don’t like him, or his party, I don’t see any harm that he could do. Ex – Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld would have a say in the admin of the crazy tactics of Johnson. He would deal with our own backyard, instead of dealing with the rest of the world’s backyards.

It may be a well deserved deaths of the elephants and the jackasses. The funerals will give the common people the powers, that the parties took away. Polarizing the common people, and neutralizes their powers to be non effective, mainly their voting powers.


The feelings that there should be anyone who wants to run for president, should be considered in the debates. They’re US citizens, and they’re running for president, and should be heard. The monopolizing of the debates by the parties is wrong, of who is included, and who is not.

We let big corporations choose our candidates before the election day comes. We let our fates be hijacked by the elite, and we ask them to be hijacked, cause we’re too dimwitted to make our own decisions.

That’s my 2 cents on the elections farces or forces.

Happy Election Day 2016, my guess is … it will be a doozy.