Citizen Soldier – Words That Don’t Exist

his song is me, in all its raw form, and then some more.
I doodle some strange symbols, like they are words, that I can only understand.

So esoteric of me… I’m weird… and I’m proud of it, instead of ashamed… and I’ll be that way until I die, I mean, I’ll apologize for the wrongs I created in this life, but I won’t be ashamed of who I am… it’s out of my control.

None of us should be ashamed, of what God created… and carry that burden into darkness, but shine revealing all the wrongs of society, so that they can change… if they want to… but don’t impose my view on them.
Some are more sensitive to light, especially when you shine the flashlight into their eyes and blind them.


Citizen Soldier – Words That Don’t Exist


I could write another rant about the “Words That Don’t Exist”, but you wouldn’t understand, cause there are no words to type… only, not “belonging” feelings.

So stop writing on your wrists, and make up a new words to articulate your feelings, God put you here to name things, and communicate your feelings… it’s all good.
Confusion, is only a temporary thing… once you understand it, it will seem so trivial, and you’ll wonder how you were so damn stupid.

I choose the politically incorrect language, cause that’s the raw truth… if you’re offended, then Don’t Listen To Me… and walk into the wall again and again, and so on, and so on.
You’ll get the truth eventually… it’s like the Sun shining, you can hide in darkness, but you can’t see, and you’re blind, and continually walking/bumping into things.

Look around you, and come ALIVE.