Anna Graceman – Words


Anna Graceman is someone I’ve been a fan of, since I’ve gotten to see her after her America’s Got Talent debut, or somewhere around that on Youtube, I learned of her on AGT, after I saw her on Youtube.

My memory is lacking sometimes… but I have a problem with this song, and others too… I want to talk about this one, and what bothers me with it.
The first being Lyrics contain “words”, I get going insane, from all the words that we have to deal with, but words are there to communicate with each other… and we know, if that is not fulfilled, we’d really go insane.



This is the line, is what the song should’ve been named after:

“What’s the point of narrating life
‘Cause you know that words will only hurt you inside”

You have to have the dark thoughts to bring out the details/contrast, and to raise the consciousness of your listeners… it’s just my suggestions.
What do I know?

The lyrics are words, oh I said that already… and Youtube’s algorithms keep displaying it in my feed… so complain to ZZZzzzYoutube, maybe they’ll fix it.

Make that excerpt from your lyrics a new song… an inspirational song, based on those lyrics… it will FREE you from the burden of “Words”.

words is to be free

Just my 2 cents on the song “Words”.