Chemo this

— Chemo this —


I was really impressed by this woman and her daughter standing up to the medical industry, they didn’t want Chemo drugs, and they wanted to bring them up on charges.


The court ruled against them and is forcing the treatment, is this what Obamacare is about?

Chemo is not the only cure for cancer, in fact everyone I knew that got Chemo, they died a very oppressive life living under the fear that the medical industry passes onto the simple minds of the common people. They like to peddle fear, there are other alternatives, diet is one of them.

You need to raise the PH level of your blood above 7.4 where the acidic turns to alkaline on a timeline, blood has a constant value of 7.35-7.45, and it needs to be above 7.4 to stop the spread of tumors, according to Dr. Otto Warburg who won the Nobel Prize for this discovery that tumors are nothing but fermenting sugar, and if you have oxygen rich blood, then the tumors shrink and don’t spread throughout your body.
In his own words:

“the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

I’m not a doctor, so I’m not giving medical advice, but there is enough evidence for me that there are many cures. The main cure is the diet, you have to cut back on sugary substances, cause that’s the tumor’s food, and when they can’t feed the growth, they die.

It’s hard to do with everything containing sugar nowadays, than from when I was a kid, now everything is made with added sugar. It’s worse than heroin addictions.

Sugar is addictive it’s like the heroin addict saying give me a fix, or you get headaches.

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”Hippocrates

The Greek father of medicine spoke such true words over two thousand years ago, and made many discoveries for medicine, I’m sure he would be rolling over in his grave witnessing what the medical industry has become.

Nobody should be forced to take chemo… NOBODY, minor or not, in a totalitarian regime it might be justified, but we live in a democracy of freedom. I’m not equating democracy with freedom, but that’s another subject that needs volumes of text to make it clear, and we know this is the twitter minded attention spans generation…that is another subject too.

Forced chemo treatments are unconstitutional, and to recognize the “mature minor doctrine” to stop the coercion of putting a poison into your body. I seen so many go through deteriorating life changes, that they never fully recover from, and they’re left in fear from the medical industry and doctors, that their cancer is going to come back.

If they keep taking chemo drugs, they’re going to do their body more harm, cause chemo kills both, the good and bad cells, not including weakening your immune system. If you have cancer, then seek alternative medicines and diets for the cure.

You know the medical industry frowns on people using the word cure, cause they receive billions on research for the cure, but they go further and further away from it over this last century.

Extremist doctors like religious extremists, are causing terror in the people for something that they can’t control or cure, but I say, it can be controlled and cured… I’m no doctor, so you can trust me. I won’t give you a bill that you can’t pay.

I believe that faith will heal all of your ills, of course it needs a little help with herbs or dietary changes.

This 700 Club video is talking about sugar being the food source of cancer, and starving it with your diet can make you cancer free. If you have problems with Pat Robertson, then get a life without Pat Robertson, cause he didn’t come up with it, in fact I think that they learned it in the 1920’s.

Here’s a list of alternative therapies that can be used to treat cancer, it doesn’t involve sickness from chemo drugs and radiation therapy, in fact I thought radiation gave you cancer… I’m not a doctor, but it seems when you get an Xray,  the technician goes behind the lead encased wall to protect himself, while your lying there and trying not to breathe.

I just know they give you cancer with the fears that they pass off from their shoulders to your heart, and once the anxiety lives in your heart, then you’re hooked line and sinker, and they pull you through every test and experiment known to mankind, but they don’t cure you, they just send it into remission.

Another Kid Against Chemo on Facebook, go and like his page… he seeks the diet realm too, and he is getting cancer free too, without the sickness of chemo drugs and radiation therapy.


If I get cancer don’t give me chemo or radiation, I want the right to die the way I want to die.

The medical industry says there isn’t a cure, with that kind of outlook it’s a wonder they cure anything. I would be ashamed to be a doctor today, it’s all about the money and games of golf today.

I have a cure for that indifference, that grows with every bill you give, it’s called compassion and empathy, it cures that tumor of indifference that grows like a cancer on your heart.

After you’re healed from the cure, your heart will beat normally and healthily, it will put the vigor of your youth back in your views how to treat cancer.

My mother swears by spirulina as a cure for her cancer in her mouth, the tumor went down to almost nothing while she took a teaspoon mixed with maple syrup and she didn’t taste it, cause spirulina tastes nasty, I don’t taste it when mixed with foods, but I taste a fishy taste to the food.

It’s all in what you believe, and your life would reflect what you believe. I believe in eating healthy, I lived on fast foods eating at McDonald’s and Burger King for most of my life…but I changed that scenario.

Lets have a cancer free life.