Tomidjah’s Rant #7 – humanzee and space

 I would like to say the French News today was a surprise for me, and I’m in deep mourning, and silence on that fact is the best response, my prayers go out to families of the dead. Muslims have to rake in their extremists in and do without supporting this madness.

— Tomidjah’s Rant #7 – humanzee and space explorers —

Stalin funded a scientist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov to travel to Africa and try to breed a hybrid human by mixing our genes with a chimpanzee’s through artificial insemination, he was unsuccessful, and when he returned to the Soviet Union he tried to inseminate ape sperm into women’s eggs through voluntary means.

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Did we send astronauts to another planet named Serpo, that was radioactive, and did they die from the radiation?

I guess we live and learn from our mistakes, and people that lie to hide the real reasons, are liars on top of lies. I wouldn’t put it past them, on anything bad that may come out of it.

From Alltime Conspiracies

Richard Doty was an agent with the Air Force to  disinform UFO experiences, he supplied massive disinformation stories, and one Paul Bennewitz bought the stories that came from Doty.

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There is always a journey to another solar system that is 100 years away, if and when we first reach light speed, we are far from that now, or scoot into a wormhole to be there in seconds. Wormholes are only theoretical, but there is the possibility that hope is there for their existence.


Supersonic Speed
“For example, the SR-71 Blackbird jet could fly continuously at Mach 3.1 while some parts were above 315°C (600°F).”



This story is close to me in nature and experience, but that sounds delusional… so I must be silent.