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Democracy is it the Salvation Govt?

Democracy is it the only Choice Democracy isn’t the perfect Govt, nor is the opposite chaotic international Federalism, which I studied in college. I wanted to make an independent study major, which was designed by a Professor at NEC (sister campus), Arundel, UK,  which closed in 1998. There I was, until a death in my …

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Social Networking Madness


— Social Networking Madness —     Social Networking madness is the world unbalanced, like a wheel unbalanced, it causes a lot of shakes in the steering wheel for a rough ride when you reach a certain speed, and probably pulls to one side, and if you don’t balance the wheel, it wears uneven. It …

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The Phenomenon of Social Networking

— The Phenomenon of Social Networking —   Facebook, the social networking giant, who I haven’t had any interaction with since Feb 2nd, 2015. I’ve shared with Google+, and now I’m going deeper and shaving off my ties with Pinterest. They make me not want to be social at all. It’s all games, with losing and …

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This the new theme, I chose

This is the Graphene theme, and it has a lot of options with it, I figure I’ll explore this until I get tired of it. I’ll play with colors till I hurt…but it has a lot more control than other themes… it’s overwhelming at first. But it’s a way to stay uniformed, at least for …

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