France’s Dilemma

— France’s Dilemma —



With the attacks in Paris Friday night, how do you terrify the terrorists, without becoming like them in the process?

I mourn with you, the people of France, but I have an objective opinion that needs to be voiced and heard, and in hearing my opinion, you must look at it objectively too.

France has been in the forefront with the other world powers, with their imperialistic colonizations throughout history.

They may have had a good intentions in the mind, but there was always a dark side of imperialism that colored the actions of the imperialist.

The same with every country that sought a piece of property and goods in another land.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Imperialism is always looking to spread its goodness around the world, but its fruits are always poisonous when they reach their over ripeness stage … and they begin to rot.

Well, the orchards they planted in other countries, became overripe… and this is the harvest of it’s fruits.

These trees are bearing fruit everyday, it took a couple of centuries before the tree of imperialisms to bear fruit. The fruit needs maintenance by the planter, cause there is a narrow window where the fruit is beneficial to the world… after that window closes, the phase of deterioration is accelerated.

And terror is the product of that stench of the rotting fruit.


The UK, US, Russia, etc, in fact there are many in the beginnings of imperialism where they invaded to bring the good things of trade and commerce to the world’s countries.

Well, there is a new door opening, where the corporations are the new nations, cause they’ve surmised through thievery the power of nations. The trickiness of financial derivatives and the marketing processes that deal with cleverly worded lies,… wolves in sheep’s clothing, these are the fruits that they bear.

The terror plots will increase, where society will become like them, this is the way of the new world without love. It’s full of judgments and prejudices.

We become the “ruthless” … and the terrorists won… and we become the terrorists, wagging our bigger dicks, bigger weapons, bigger bombs.

What makes us seem more civilized?


“It is an act of absolute barbarism. France will be ruthless in its response.”
President François Hollande


The French national anthem lyrics of another war song… we always want to kill, to fight what we don’t want in our lives.

The song was written in 1792 by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in Strasbourg after the declaration of war by France against Austria…


I saw this on the guillotine page, I thought that France abolished the use of that in the 1800’s, but they abolished it in 1981… So much for lethal injections.

That was a barbaric terrifying machine.

We always wanted to behead people that we didn’t understand, and made the machines that would take the blame. It was an inanimate object, that took the blame from the executioner’s shoulders, and supposedly made us more civilized. It’s like arms/guns, we still need them for wars and battles.

We are so civilized.


I‘ve included post shooting scenes, which shows the panic of individuals… a side effect of Fear.