The basic drool

— The Basic Drool —


homeless-57481_640The basic drool over technology, is amazement.

We are left drooling in amazement, while the knowledgeable people rake in the profits. It’s every capitalists dream to make a game out of capitalism. It’s entertaining and fun, but they don’t see the poor people’s plight.

They’re not having fun in their ignorance, like money brought about the 3 classes of people, there is a new class of people with technology. The ignorant and poor, when before it was just the poor. Ignorance is the new poor.

It’s not chosen ignorance, it’s forced ignorance by the knowledgeable classes, unless you have money to feed their greed machines. Though the internet is known for spreading lies and replacing the colleges, but what’s being taught, since everything taught on the internet is a lie, there is a 50% chance they’re right.

Degrees are being given by fraudsters, I’m not cynical, but the schools that pop up claiming they’re certified, my question is by who, The Truth machine?

Let’s get back to capitalism, it makes money out of amazement, the biggest fiat of all. You can’t flash amazement like gold or silver, so it’s a virtual fiat. You need a law to make it legal, which is another chain on society, and it makes the bankers shaking in their boots, cause your ignorance of the biggest scam on mankind is coming to light.

It’s true the bankers are the victims too, but they’re the rewarded victims…living LARGE on the peoples suffering. They are the victims too of the ideology that anyone deserves more than anyone else.

You talk about working for your money, I see it as conning the people for your money, while you gamble with peoples lives through wars and programs of experimentation, cause you are not God, and everything you try is a game to you, but the people are like pieces of a chessboard that you move through your archaic dreams.

I’m not a capitalist, but I see its logic and application benefits, and I’m not a communist either, but I see the benefits of socialist applications with healthcare and food distribution. Any extreme is out of balance, and doesn’t work well.

I can choose sides, but that is the trap… you choose a side and you’re stuck in the web. You can argue for eternity, and it won’t change it, it’s actions that change it, not words, but actions.

Your actions should be peaceful and full of love, as an example, not as an order. Once they see the way it works, they have a choice, instead of a new law that they have to follow. It’s the natural transition throughout history, since the beginning of time.

That is the road to freedom where we break the chains of law and start living it naturally, where cooperation is our main diet of interaction with society.

We have to stop blaming others and starting wars for the sake of some myth that you’ve created in your religious extremes. It’s true that the scriptures are filled with knowledge that we need to know, but the delusions you create in your understandings are not true.

Your extremism is what misleads you, it makes you delusional… it doesn’t bring you closer to God, it makes you God’s enemies.

Whatever you call God, Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh,etc … God has many names, cause God is very vast and fills the universe with God’s spirit. The name is just the perspective of some portion of God. We all see the same God, just our interpretations are delusional, cause we’ll never see the whole picture of God. Just a small perspective of God, which we name as knowing the whole God.

I’m probably pissing someone off, cause what I see of God is telling me I’m pissing someone off, but I have the hunger to say what I want to say now, to please God.

I’ll leave you with this piece of reflections for you to reflect on it in your own time.

Freedom reigns in my heart, and it should be reigning in your heart too…you shouldn’t live under the chains of laws, that is the slave’s life.

Seek the truth about everything, don’t live to question for the sake of argument, but uncovering what is hidden. Questions are your shovels. Use them well, so we don’t get caught in another war.

It needs patience and a lot of refection of God’s spirit, when you daydream you’re in the presence of God’s Spirit, there are a lot of demons in there too.

Isa 45:7 – “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

So when you pray don’t always believe what you hear with God, cause there are a lot of liars that get grace of mercy with God.