setting up for the fall

— Setting up for the Fall —



The first day of winter is 3 weeks away, and I don’t feel like shedding my leaves.

So I’ll look like a sick tree for the winter, and the snow will pile up and break my branches, If I’m lucky.

We all are trees, we inhabit this world and don’t see the grace bestowed on us, we chop down healthy trees rather than already dead trees, we rape the forests for wood.

I’m talking of the human forests with the war machines.

SPAM is the fruit on trees that grow in the dark jungles of mankind. The evergreen forests of SPAM, don’t go through death very much, they are always looking to count their greens…or whatever money color that is being circulated in that country.

With the viruses and diseases given to the trees all the plants around them suffer, they communicate through the roots, not with words, but with chemicals. They communicate at a much slower pace, they don’t pick up a chainsaw to defend their brothers and sisters. They communicate through their roots with everything that grows in the forest, there are wars going on there too.


Wars between Plants

We just don’t see them. Like the invasive weeds emit a poison to control an area. Could be compared to chemical warfare on another nation or culture.

Once the weed dominates an area and has no enemies, at least underground, it has other enemies that come by ground and air, similar to mankind’s armies and air forces. The bugs are many and are looking for their own survival. They rob the resources of the plant, that they need for their survival.

So they usually steal it from the plant, or some zen bugs give back to the plant by eating their parasites in payment for their resources.


Networks in Mankind

I started comparing mankind to the forests that inhabit this world. There are many forests and races that inhabit this world. We need to look at the common things that make us human, cause that is all I see, the human race. The only difference are our belief systems…religions,politics,languages,etc.. Mainly our cultural differences, depending on where we grew up in this world.

Where one way, was the way you dealt with taking from the resources in your environment. You were open to a better way, if there was personal gain in it. The way of all mankind is personal gain, but the sharing and love of the personal gain is lacking. We would rather hoard it, rather than share.

It’s sad that we destroy ourselves for personal gain, rather than spread love around the world. Love around the world, would be better for the world and ourselves. It would improve our temperament and attitude, as well as the world’s societal focus.


The many Petri Dishes in the Social Scene

These social sites is another Petri dish for viruses and bacteria to form, without a cure. It’s an ego trip of discovery on how to rip off mankind, and instilling fear without a cure.

Well, fear can be cured by faith, that’s all you need. You make discoveries through faith, and give it too the lazy to capitalize on it. Discovery breeds inventions, and inventions breeds patents, and patents breeds parasites, namely the lazy.

Oh I’m going off on a tangent here, lets get back to the forests of mankind…we all are trees.

Some of us need warmth and some of us need seasons. The more north you go, or the more south you go, depending which hemisphere you’re in, the extremes of the seasons appear.


All of Society is like a Big Forest

We are all plants. Some big trees, some baby plants, some bushes, and some weeds, etc., but we all influence each other, to their detriment or their benefit.

We crowd to the like minded like all species of life. Eagles stay with eagles,  skunks stay with skunks, ravens stay with ravens, bears stay with bears. There are differences with animals too…usually territorial differences.

We can see with the animals, unlike the underground progression of the forests by the networking with their roots system.


When we lie to another person it’s like pissing in their faces and telling them they’re taking a shower, not actually peeing in their faces, but when you tell a falsehood, it’s like relieved yourself of your burden, and piled it upon the person you lied to.

You’ll never be able to rely on that person again, unless you come up with another lie, that has no relation with the last lie you unloaded.

Without going off on another tangent, the data we share in our communications either can be nutritious or toxic, truth or lies.

I’ll leave you with that to think about, reflect on.