(AI) Artificial Intelligence : Is there a danger?

— (AI) Artificial Intelligence : Is there a danger? —


What is AI?

It’s man’s creation, like God created us…I’m a firm believer that God exists. What God is? Is a mystery to me. I’m more of a spiritualist rather than align myself to any religion, but I’m a christian meaning I follow the examples of Christ, he wasn’t a terrorist, and I feel freer then.

Religions try to put God in a box for them to easily understand, I choose to be amazed at all God created. I think AI is mankind’s attempt to create a God, which will bring judgment to mankind or blessings, I’d like to look at the blessing side.

I can see all the benevolent things that AI brings to humanity, such as medicine,teaching,raising our intelligences, the list is long and kept at bay by our imaginations, but there is also a darkside to the AI principle, and that is the violent, militaristic, and weaponry, where the intelligence factor would be our judges, like the Terminator movies.


This video speaks of early computers to modern computers.


Then we progress to the dangers of AI, and we talk to scientist Stephen Hawking in a funny interview with John Oliver, but the underlying warning is there, under the laughing matters.


Then we move to Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors saying AI is summoning the “Demons”, and in Vanity Fair interview speaking of getting rid of Spam, the best way would be to get rid of humans.



There are many warnings when you give the AI the ability of recursive learning. It’s very complicated, when you allow computers to think and learn, do they develop an ego, that develops feelings that can be hurt. If machines with egos become real, then I fear for the human race.

We need a competition for business, is what a die hard capitalist would say, I would say to the capitalist not one that would kill us, if he didn’t get his way.

Recursive learning and development shouldn’t be in the power of the computer, it’s like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and didn’t listen to God and ate of the tree of knowledge. We develop these things with the power to kill us, what makes you think that they won’t?

Whether there was a tree of life in the garden of Eden or not, whether it was metaphorical story or not, it was the birth of the first AI, Human kind.

We gained knowledge between right and wrong, good and bad, and light and dark. Through our development throughout history, we’ve had recursive learning and grew more intelligent, and learned we had an ego that felt on the spiritual and emotional level.

Recursive is a word that needs looking into, it’s a function in mathematics, and I wasn’t that good in math, so I forgot what a function is. I’m guessing a function is a procedure of computations, of what I don’t know.

AI is so complicated that it’s mind boggling, and if errors were to become the norm, based as true, then we’re creating demons which I guess that’s what Elon Musk was talking about. We are looking for intelligence by what’s not intelligent in the first place, recursive learning experimenting on itself.

It’s opening the gates of hell or knocking on heavens door, I choose the latter.

I found a few new things over the last year on youtube, I’ll share them with you, and you can reflect on the complications involved in reaching the technological singularity, cause it will be reached and the amazements we’ll see over the years, will be striking at our intellect, and making us dumb. Awestruck to dumbness.

So beware of the advancement of technology, which grows at an exponential rate, for the last 10 years at least. Meaning the speed increases, and we don’t have good brakes, we need to put in safeguards that we have the power to brake, if the danger of a brick wall appears, or we develop wings to fly over the wall, all I know I would want a backdoor out of this reality, if it was going to crash, like an ejection seat on a plane.

We need that kind of intelligence in the thought of creating an AI, or it will be the end of humankind.