Awareness is What Everyone Needs

— Awareness is What Everyone Needs —


I thought this was a good awareness video, cause I didn’t find anything repulsive in it… usually they say something, that I strongly disagree with.

Awareness encapsulates our thoughts, sometimes badly, and sometimes with a mastery.

If we let our thoughts develop naturally, when it reaches the surface of the soul, then we’re enlightened. Like water boiling in a glass pot, when the bubbles reach the surface it pops into oblivion. Unless it releases something noticeable, like a perfume or a stench, that you notice in pleasures or horrors.

They leave you memories that you can reminisce on. Either they are memories that make you smile, or make you frown, but they are memories/thoughts just the same.

Thoughts lead to other thoughts, as he said in the video. Sometimes they are shot at you like a rapid fire machine gun, and other days they are far and few in between, like a sunny day.


Awareness is the knowledge you gain from the experience that you go through. It’s living the experiences of learning, it’s the fruit you pick off of the tree of knowledge, and gulp it down your throat. Either it will make you sick, if it’s rotten, or healthy and wise, if it’s a good fruit.

It’s the thoughts I was left with to describe this situation. I reached for a way to describe my thoughts to you, and I was left with the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. It was our first awareness experience, where we learned that we were naked, and noticed our own shame. Where we learned of right and wrong, and grew to be wise or a fool.

I see it as an experience of early mankind, I mean I believe in Adam and Eve as the first chosen, but I believe in the other creation stories too, or we’d be a bunch of incest ridden children.

Who married Adam and Eve’s children? I remember Cain and Abel, but I don’t remember any daughters.

I’m a horrible reader, and I don’t retain anything, except wisdom.

Wisdom is my goal, but I’m continually a fool… but with each step forward, I’m one step closer to wisdom, and one step further from foolishness.