Archons ?

— Archons ? —


I wrote a rough draft of the beginning of this story called the “Ancient Intervention”, before I knew what Archons were, but I called them Archons…it was ironic for me, cause I realized what they were from the new The Last Avatar movie coming out this week, not to be confused with Avatar 2.

Demarkus was my character and was a time traveler, but I had many questions that met with paradoxes… and I lost interests. I started the story in my college class with another short story called “The Journal”, it was about 2 rebellious teenagers growing up, but Demarkus was what I wanted to write about. The teenagers story was on the backburner… but time travel kept my interest, and I wanted to finish it… but the paradoxical walls kept me locked.




I don’t see the Archons as Jay Weidner, but it must’ve been in my subconscious mind because I remember reading  the Nag Hammadi library, the books that were censored from the bible, cause they offered no real sense of authorship and other reasons. They left questions for the inquiring minds.

The good spirits I called the Argonauts, it was the Movie Jason and The Argonauts that influenced the name the Argonauts. The Argonauts were the crew of the boat named Argo in the tale. It had great effects in the 1963 classic, before the cgi effects.

I found a summary of the story that I wrote before I came up with the Archons and Argonauts, I think the Argonauts wasn’t concrete in my mind and I needed another name for the good aliens. The Archons were the bad aliens, the fallen angels, despotic rulers of the human race, they liked to rule by mind suggestions.

My time travel was a bit paradoxical, cause Demarkus was a caveman in the ancient of times before history was written, but the old man was Demarkus from the future, and he taught Demarkus to become wise and travel to the future. How he ended up in the future was the paradoxical part.

Well it’s been over 20 years since I wrote this rough draft, with the many disks, and papers I have to go through it was called “aliens”, good and bad before I came up with the names. I found a summary I wrote in college in 1984, called “Ancient Intervention” … and my mind needs to review it, or brainstorm with someone else to uncover the paradoxes.

Well here is the Summary… well the first couple of chapters…

  Ancient Intervention

The Old Man is on a mission in the ancient times, before mankind wrote history, by the law of the Godhead… meaning the alien counsel.

Unable by law to intervene in, or against the alien powers in control of the future earth, he journeys back to the ancient times before the seeds of alien control were planted, and he persuades Demarkus to help him undermining the aliens control.

Demarkus is a man of very primitive knowledge, but a thirst for faith enables him to grow by the Old Man’s careful feedings of knowledge of the future, but with wise training of the future, Demarkus finds himself embarking through time to a world which is beyond his understanding.

Knowing that he is to find the __?__ which secures the alien’s despotism, he meets with numerous confusions, when he realizes that his memories of the ancient world do not comply with the structures of the new world.


The Old Man by law could not accompany Demarkus to the future, so Demarkus is on his own and is baffled by the new world, and is captured by enemy alien forces and locked away in a mental institution as a homeless person.

In there he befriends a young psychology student studying the behavior of the homeless mind.

After a few months of learning the English language and going through intense psychological restructuring, Demarkus is released to conform to this society, but dreams regenerate memories that were dulled by the psychological restructuring and continues to complete the mission he agreed to with the Old Man.

With the help of Dana, the psychology student, he discovers his homeland in these modern times, and seeks to locate the ___?___ which is the strength of the alien’s control over the world’s events.

And after many mishaps and adventures he completes his mission, but is still restless and longs to return to the roots of his beginnings.