The Blog … the Rant

— The Blog … the Rant —


I came up with another broken link notification that wasn’t broken…and they wanted me to click the autosave function, so I found it wasn’t broken… so I clicked that instead.

I like this function, the Broken Link Checker, but after I made a donation there has been nothing but false flags after that. Look over the code for that, there is big gaping hole in that plugin. I disabled that… it came up with all false flags.

The madness of technological chaos in the human mind takes up our thoughts with confusion… as a rough sea, you can’t sail smoothly when you’re battling the next wave. World of confusion is like Waterworld the movie, confusion all around you… you are the boat and understanding is land, but the sailing is living trying to understand.


I‘m talking a rant, filled with anger at confusion… like a mad captain. The blog is a rant in the grammatical sense, it’s a criticism…both do it… criticize that is.

There is a difference, the blog is more using your own experiences as fact for your criticisms, where rants are more emotional rages condemning, based on your own experiences too. I’m an Angry Young Man… so I favor the ranting side, it’s my anger management problem.

I never looked at the difference in the words, and the meanings between the words… one is more angry, blogs and rants…but both are criticizing. That’s been my depth at differentiating between the words. If I went further, I would’ve come up with a clearer understanding. I saw the words as similar meanings, they were but they had different presentations.

I see a little clearer… blogs and rants are different in the presentation, but the words conveyed are criticisms, and I’ve seen it a little clearer now.  Thanks Dan.

Well, that clears up the broken link in this soul, there is a chaos of broken links in this soul… I need an organizer to make the peace I seek. To mend these broken links, to make me happy and bring peace to this soul.





The cover photo was a drawing by  ethan pettit