CGI Sucks and is Awesome

— CGI Sucks and is Awesome at the same time —


It sucks because it isn’t real, and sometimes you know it, but is awesome, because of the realistic effects that it displays.

Every once in a while they will fool me, and I am amazed by it… but I look at it, and I wonder why or what they’ll do with it, cause that awesomeness is capable of great good or even greater evilness… I’m hoping for the good.



The use of green screens is the big color of overlaying, it used to be blue, when I started the video craze in the at the end of the 80’s or early 90’s, if you wanted to overlay another video you had to pick a key color for the overlay… and everything in the video that is in that color keyed, is overlayed with another video.

It makes for some explosive entertainment, or very deceptive propaganda… the awesome is the explosive entertainment, and the not so awesome is the manipulations of the deceptive propaganda.

There have been things I thought were real and found out they were green screen manipulations, fooling the public to believe they were real.

All this special FX has always amazed me, but only to wonder… and wander through the amazements like walking through the dark forest of thoughts. It’s sometimes scary and sometimes beautiful, with all the colors that no one, but me has seen. It’s possible for others to see it, but they’re not in my mind at the time, that I witness that thought.

I put a collection of CGI videos for you to go through, and you can see the kaleidoscope of colors in your mind too, hopefully they’ll be different than mine.