Tomidjah’s Rant #13 – Weirdness of Ideas

— Tomidjah’s Rant #13 – Weirdness of Ideas —


I had a weirdness of an idea, that I forgot in the process of setting up this page. It was truly astronomical. It was so out in space, that I lost sight of it.

The weirdness of ideas, I’ll go with that. You’ve been going through your thoughts, and have what they call a brain stopper. A thought so astronomical that is changes your perceptions, and other’s perceptions.


seeds-1117863_640It came back to me, when I was making dinner. It was coming up with the idea, and it went out into space or the world, and also into you.

It was like an explosion. Where what exploded went out, and inside of your core of being.

Where what goes inside either grows fruit or dies, much like the parable of the sower of the kingdom of God that Jesus told. I had the thought, and it blew me away. I’m glad it came back.


I‘ve been planting in the greenhouse for the 3rd year this year, and every year has been a experience, and an educational one at that. It ended last year with my breaking my leg from falling in the shower, after the ants made me a terrorist, trying to commit genocide on them.

I’ve already killed 2 cucumber plants with over fertilizing with miracle grow instant fertilizer, rather than the time release pellets. So, I learned about fertilizing.

Another year and another attempt at farming.


To get back to the reason I’m writing this, the weirdness of ideas is the reason. That weirdness goes inside as well as outside.


The weirdness is the root system, and the networking with the environment, as well as the plant that grows inside yourself.


Too much weirdness is a very dense root system, where you are not swayed and uprooted at a slight attack. You stand your ground without a problem. Though too much weirdness gives you the labels of a crazy person too.

The thought is the seed, and it grows… the angels are laughing at me now.

I’m so slow and dimwitted. They’ve been telling me that for 58 years now, and I’ve only gotten it now. I mean I understood it before, after I read the story of the seeds of the kingdom, but not with the clarity as I do now. There is a lot more to learn, but I’m healthier for it now.

I’ll leave you with angels that counsel you in your thoughts to expound further, rather than confuse you. Whatever you see as an enlightenment feature, whether spirits, angels, or just heavy thinking, lets just say, that I’ll leave you with that.