Anti-Islam a new Crusades

— Anti-Islam a new Crusades —


Anti-Islam is a new crusade mentality being formed in the minds of Europe now, it’s the same confusing details from history that we haven’t learned from. The Charlie Hebdo shootings are just the fuel to the fire of hateful mentality, we need to grasp the urgency of the situation, and deal with it without hate in the heart.

Hate has not solved any of the world’s problems, it exasperated them.

100 people turned into 25,000 people in Germany protesting Anti-Islam rhetoric. It’s a mix of normal people and rageful people, and those mixes either grow more rageful or more calm and normal. It’s unpredictable. I think it grew to 100,000, but I didn’t want to know, so I chose not to follow up on that research.

From Sweden to the most of Europe, there has been many anti-Islam protests over the last few years, documenting a strong resentment to Muslims. Especially by the media, that seems to be the propagandists leading the masses, like sheep to the slaughter.



This dose of Reality

This dose of Anti-Islam reality makes me want to go back in my shell of fantasy and imagination, like a turtle likes to go back in his shell to protect his life.

It goes back to democracy equated to freedom/liberty, when it’s the opposite of freedom, democracy is corruptible to the money, so it can be bought and sold like a commodity. It’s not freedom, it’s a scam, in my view.

You set up the leading party and you setup an opposing party, and that’s the foundations you want to build freedom on, but democracy is not a sound foundation. It’s ruled by the elite, on the backs of the poor, and just because they the elite hide their tyranny with trinkets of fortunes, they con the people into believing they’re free to pacify their resentment and rebellious nature.

Pacifistic techniques work for a crying baby, but not spoiled adults with ideological distortions in their minds. So I don’t believe it’s that simple to wipe away the Anti-Islamic mindset in the minds of the people through a pacifism.  Especially when Islamic fundamentalism isn’t pacifist in nature, there are many Muslims that espouse the peaceful solution, here is one Palestinian:



The Current Distortions in the Messages from God

The vast majority of Muslims are moderate, pious people who suffer more from terrorism and violence than non-Muslims. Ninety-three percent of Muslims do not support extremist views of terrorism.

Which is about the radical extremists of the Christian religion, which is about the same percentages. It’s just not as militant as the Muslim fundamentalists religion. It’s a shame that the Islamic community don’t condemn like they do with Sharia law, the acts of terrorism by their people. They condemn the world, but they are supposed to save the world, at least that’s what they profess in their scriptures.

If you read all the genocides that took place in the old testament, and the atrocities that the early Christians and Muslims endured, and the horrors of the Crusades, that threaten to come back to life, and challenge with the same mistakes of the Dark ages, to challenge the sanctity of God with empty praises, while murdering innocent people.


Nausea from Tainted Seeds

I‘m sickened by this mess in the world. I fly off in a rage at the slightest instance. So I don’t want to judge, cause that raises the demon in me. We all have our demons.  Mine, I would like to keep contained, instead of pronouncing their agendas like IS.

My anger demons would like to chop a few heads off too. I keep them under my control, instead of loosing them into the world. I would rather suffer than make others suffer. I’m just as guilty as a sinner. That would make me a hypocrite, if I was to judge the sinner for what I have done.

Who hasn’t lusted in their hearts? Who hasn’t thought of theft? Also, who hasn’t felt envy? I would say no one, cause all men are sinners. When Jesus was before the crowd looking to stone a woman for committing adultery:

“So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. “


And no one did, and they left one by one, then when they left, he said to her.


“Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”


Conclusion of the New Crusades

The fundamentalist Muslim of today would chop something off of her, without question, yelling “Allah Akbar”. They saw Jesus as a prophet of God, but they continue to not follow his message.

Love and Truth is Jesus’ message. It gets buried in the hate of some Christians, especially the Westboro Baptists Church protests.

I’m sick of the pious hypocrites condemning mankind. Then they go out and pollute society with their sins, but are totally oblivious to it. While they condemn their neighbors in the process.

I would like to have seen the writings of Jesus on the ground. When he was waiting for someone to pick up a stone and throw at the woman. I wonder what he was drawing.