Democracy is bought and sold

— Democracy is bought and sold —


gorilla-613388_640First off freedom is not democracy, I want to make that clear first.

We send our troops to fight for freedom, by enslaving and terrifying the populations that we invade, but while we invade spreading democracy around the world, we make the world fear our presence. I think spreading democracy is propagating terrorism.

It certainly isn’t spreading freedom, which is the propagandist tool of equating freedom for democracy, which is nothing more than bullying by the majority of the minority. It’s chaining the minorities with laws that oppresses their will, no matter how unjust the law is.

Just because the majority rules doesn’t make it right, our ignorance has ruled us since the beginning of time, but we seek to put aside our differences to unmask our ignorance with enlightenments through science, which places us in stupor even more, cause with every answer we receive, we gain 50 more questions.

The reason for electoral college taking away the popular vote, for a more controlled vote by the elite, they say it’s for our benefit, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as taking the power of the vote away from the people, and giving it to the politicians. Since we elect the party ticket that combine the two into one vote, we don’t need the electoral college anymore, we would be better to delete it into oblivion.

What should’ve been done in the first place, we vote for presidents and vice presidents on the party ticket. The electoral college assumes the American people are stupid, I won’t argue with that, but they should receive an  honest election, not a swing vote that dilutes the principle of one individual’s vote equals one vote, the electoral college distorts the vote, it gives the power to the politicians, instead of the people.

Two states, Delaware and Connecticut, never ratified the electoral college, the12th amendment, they rejected it.

It’s a mess the forming of a new nation that’s fair to all people, cause you have many faiths and beliefs, and the political field is even more a mess, cause it dictates freedoms and legislates laws for the benefit of society of the people.

We look to let be free, everyone alive on the planet without being the police force of the world, cause that’s not true freedom, true freedom is everyone respects the boundaries of others, without invading those boundaries.

We are looking to create a globally enforced police state with each nation’s military forces. I saw it in the 80’s happening in Europe, before the EU was enacted, since then, and more after 9/11, here in the US.

We grow more hostile towards freedom, as if no one deserves it. We put a price tag on it, and it’s usually the blood of innocents that we sacrifice on the altars of politics, like the Aztecs. They don’t protect or serve the people they look for power over the people, to control the people.

They don’t serve the people they serve the money of the corporations, and corporations are the religions of the money god, since we said that no religion should take part in the policies that we pass, it should be corporations be put in that category too.

I think the big solutions to war is to take the praise of money out of the system, because that seems to be the cause of every distortion of the truth on this planet.

We go to war to fight what we think as right, I remember going through life fearing that I would go to Vietnam, but they stopped it in 1973, but kept up the draft, till the year I graduated high school in 1975. Then all the dirt of the war started coming out with the Pentagon Papers and the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was a political farce that made us become a warring nation.

We were so peaceable before. (satire)

We started another war on lies, we started the war on Iraq on lies too, the both the first one and the second one. The thing with why they invaded Kuwait in the first place cause they were stealing Iraqi oil with the new horizontal drilling techniques that we weren’t told about.

Stealing oil

In 1990, Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing Iraq’s oil through slant drilling.[5] The United Nations redrew the border after the 1991 Gulf war that ended the seven-month Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. As part of the reconstruction, 11 new oil wells were placed among the existing 600. Some farms and an old naval base that used to be in the Iraqi side, became part of Kuwait.[6]
In the mid-twentieth century, a slant-drilling scandal occurred in the huge East Texas Oil Field.[7]


This was the first war that I was against, cause they denied it as stealing, and they showed a lot of lies of babies in incubators stories too. There is this story by CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary.

The big thing why I started this rant on Democracy, because it was mixed with freedom, democracy isn’t equated with freedom, they aren’t the same things. Freedom is very different from democracy, you need a free society to establish a democracy, so you need freedom to establish a democracy.

Making freedom the patriarch of democracy, but I remember the Republic of the United States as the first form of government, not a democracy. Which is just as bad as democracy, but it’s where we started, before being hijacked by the banks, which served monarchies of Europe, and funded both sides of the wars between them.

I’m in my minority view claiming the truth is on both sides, and between the two sides with the truth as the fulcrum that the two sides are balanced on. All of life is a balancing trick that we all face between the truth and the lies, when we are balanced, there is truth and harmony, but when we are unbalanced we are fighting in lies and full of discordance.

Anyone who knows the middle east, we’re terrorizing them in my view.  The terrorists think that he’s right, and all others who disagree are the enemy. Think about it, when do we stop fighting, when we conquer?

That only leaves room for more vengeance to be stored and multiplied with distortions. We have to come to an understanding through dialogue, through diplomacy, all the wars never brought peace. It only brought resentment and discord, it never brought peace only servitude, but underlying that false peace was resentment, so there is no true peace.

Democracy can be bought and sold, it usually takes place on the battlefield with the blood of the innocents, and the politicians are the cheerleaders and the audience in that stadium is you, the public.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of buying tickets for this mess, the price is my belief.

I believe freedom is different from democracy.

Democracy, it’s bought and sold with the blood of the innocent and ignorant, or misinformed/disinformed.

That’s my 2 cents…well more like a gorilla with a $100.