What is Fair Use? It goes on the Internet…

— What is Fair Use? It goes on the Internet… —


There is no fair use from the music groups in Hollywood. Most of my youtube playlists are banned from playing on my site, but have no problem from playing on the youtube site. It covers more than greed and shaming, it’s automated censoring. It takes the human element out of the picture, it’s automated by algorithms, and who knows the length of time it stays in youtube limbo. They say 6 months, but it doesn’t say the same parties can’t make another 6 months claim.

This video answered more questions than I would like to know about the sins of humanity.  Watch it closely, and think about it. Ask yourself where is the fair use, or what is the fair use?



I‘m at war, not by my choice, but these are shots at my constitutional rights of free speech. It’s like you’re asked to do a piece of criticism, but are censored from your view reaching the public. What’s wrong with that picture?

The next video is talking about youtube’s copyright policies and the fair use policies, but it shows more of the same, no human interaction with the policies, not even objective third parties interactions on the copyright infringements.  So meet Petey the little red play button…




I‘m close to calling it quits on the whole “can’t we all just get along” scenario, and being a despot myself. It would make my life easier, and I’ll be dead quicker, and move on to another world, or not.

I long for peace, but every move I make is the stumbling blocks that the music companies are always throwing in my paths. I climb over one, and there is another one I must climb over. I feel like a time waster figuring out the solutions, then they find the solutions, and they claim it as their solutions. Even though I brought it to their attentions years ago, but was rejected by them saying it was not feasible.

Sharing music would be more beneficial to the corporations, than the profit margins, I still believe that to my core, but I’m a cripple, and they don’t take me seriously… but it’s my despotic nature winning over your evils with time. Someone will replace me and take my place, and the delirious character will prevail over time… it happens so subtly that you won’t even notice, that you lost the war.