The Internet – The Bowels of the World

— The Internet – The Bowels of the World —


The media or the press is nothing but the farts, silent but stinky, or loud and repulsive. The wars they profess or start, I haven’t enough time to think about to conclude on anything yet.

I see correlations between our digestive system, and the global body.

The internet  is the make up of our bowels, the  truth is the nutrients that we all benefit from, and the lies is the waste that we want to expel from our body.


I need to think about it some more, where I can see more correlations between the two. This is another article by Russell Brown(That article no longer exists) , that I googled after I came up with this idea, that the internet is like a global body’s digestive system.

Stress is making more conspiracies and upset stomachs. There is an uneasiness which stresses the body more, and the conspiracy is born.

Which may be true, but not to the extremes that we imagine it.

We need to explain it, to understand it. Which gains us only temporary relief, but doesn’t cure it.

It’s like heartburn, you could buy Tums, which is made for you to take more, or you could drink water with baking soda in it, and no more acid reflux. I found that out when I got sick of taking antacid pills every 15 min, I took only a small amount of baking soda, and my gas backup was gone for the whole night. Anyway, not to go off on another tangent.

The world is full of crooks looking to make money on your ignorance, and they have no problem ripping you off.

Rather than share their knowledge, they charge you for it. Money does NOT make the world go round.


Constipation Dangers

You hear falsehoods or believe in lies, it tends to lock you up. You get cramps that rip your insides like a hernia with the obstruction of lies pushing on your bowels. When you find out the truth, you feel like they let you down. You rip a hole in your bowels, the so called hernia. You don’t know who to blame, and when you spout in your defense, you seem like a conspiracy nut.

Trying to make sense of your life, when the government of the people, by the people, and for the people seem to be words which come out of the mouth so freely, and float like a feather in the wind to be seen no more. Abe Lincoln would be ashamed of the current president, or maybe he would be ashamed of me. I think I’m right, as much as Trump thinks he’s right.

I know lies is very much constipating, I’m trying to live a regular life with the fibers of truth.


Trump is leading a constipated life with the diet of lies. You can’t tell him he lies, or he goes into defense denial mode with a pride created armor. One day his ego is attacking Syria, North Korea, and recently Iran. I wonder when he will attack his own people. I see a hurt ego going mad, and striking anyone who disagrees with him.

But I assumed both Iraq wars were based on lies on profits for Oil, and I saw that war on Libya was for the oil too. PetroDollars, is an evil creation, but that’s my judgment… I’m just one person, like our president.

I already know I’m an idiot, so what you think of me doesn’t surprise me. We all are idiots, but I face my idiocy face to face, everyone else hides behinds pride in the shadows of denial. I’d rather face the truth, than run from it.

The truth keeps me regular, and not constipated.


Diarrhea Dangers

I‘m thinking of changing this theme, or going back to the old version, it keeps trying to use google fonts the Lato font. They changed the theme last week. I don’t like to use Google fonts.
I don’t understand the font system on the WordPress, I expect all the fonts come with WordPress. It makes the vulnerabilities more time loading a page. Lato isn’t in the choice of fonts, I found out that it’s a Google Font.

Nowhere in it’s settings can I select a default font, so I’m going back to the version before.

What we eat is the product we shit… when we eat incompetence, it causes diarrhea.

A font diarrhea.

Every time I hit enter to the next line, it goes back to the Lato font… so I’ll close and change, cause my mind is getting angry again.


I‘ll close this now, cause I’m getting spastic sitting in my wheelchair. It seems if I get a sore on my butt, and I don’t want to go to bed… I’m a stubborn man. Much like Trump running from the truth…stubborn man in denial.

Peace to All, more like cursing under my breath…the two sides of me… maybe many personal sides, I haven’t concluded on the numbers.