UFOs using Water as the Fuel


UFOs what fuels do they use?

This is the video that inspired me to relive my childhood memory, of an experience of witnessing a UFO hovering over a reservoir.

She talked about how they get oxygen for breathing for the Astronauts on the ISS(International Space Station). They pass an electrical current through water, to separate the hydrogen and oxygen molecules into two separate gases… one is used for breathing.

I don’t know what’s the hydrogen is used for… I’m not a scientist, but it’s used in car technology to improve the fuel mileage. So, it brought to mind the whole experience that I witnessed a UFO on Gilboa Dam one school night when we skipped out on a play rehearsal.



UFOs using water as the fuel, Oxygen or Hydrogen they’d both would work.

When I was in high school around 1973-74 there was this UFO hovering over the reservoir, that we thought was a house on the mountain…before it moved… like it was refueling in hover mode. I made a recreation of that event.



It was there for 15-30 minutes of not moving, before it moved. I just showed it moving, so it was stationary for something like a long time. I couldn’t stop staring at it, and thought it wasn’t any house on Bearpen mountain, not that high up on the mountain.

Then it moved, and we all saw it.

It was completely silent, as it moved… I added the music to the video to express what I felt, which was awe.

It was there hovering over the reservoir like it was refueling…or filling hydrogen or oxygen tanks for breathing. Whatever they were hovering for, they were hovering for a long time.

Anyway, it made me wonder about it again…and it made me want to share it, with whoever is reading this.

What fuels do they use?

It’s not a noisy combustion engine, that I know. It was eerily silent, as it passed over us.