I don’t speak English

— ” I don’t speak English ” —


Update:  I said he was handcuffed, but I guess they handcuffed when they threw him down.


An Indian man was arrested for not speaking English, he was handcuffed when they threw him down to the ground and broke his neck. I think that there was classic police brutality, paranoia has that effect on the weak minded, where impulses take over the body’s responses to prejudicial judgments.

I didn’t know not speaking English was a reason for arrest.

I didn’t see for what was the reason for throwing this guy to the ground, it must’ve been police brutality, where you put uncontrollable people behind the badge, and they get the power of the badge and go quickly corruptible.

“Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true.” —  Honore De Balzac



This witnessing of this arrest, was what threw me into a rage. I have my anger management problems, so I don’t judge, but I saw no reason that this guy was brought down, the way he did it.

What did he do?

It’s obvious that he didn’t speak English, cause you could hear the officer say he couldn’t “speak a lick of English”. So why was he handcuffed? Is that illegal now.

I go to bed every night and hope for a better day tomorrow, but it never gets better, it grows more terrible with every day, since the war on terror started.

The police has become an army of force that they like to flaunt it more and more, my Dad was a NYC Detective, so I grew up with cops, but those days were the  50s-70s, and there has been many changes since then. Now they have the military weapons, there is an amendment in the constitution talking about that. This cop broke the 8th amendment of this person’s right, whether he was a foreigner or not.

I’ve had enough of the prejudices that were born from this war on terror.

It terrorizes me like a fly around my head, and I want to get a fly swatter, but that would change me for the worst.