well the widget area is disabled on the front page

Space ShotWell Well well… look at this hell

No widget area on the front page, I’ve been hacked by someone with too much time on his hands

To look at the widgets you have to click on some other page on the site or look at the older posts.

It was working before today.

I went to this tonight

Then I went to this

Then I went to this and it’s 3 years old

I figure it will all go away, I’m about ready to quit the web…it’s already addicting to the point of revealing all the corruptions involved.

You want wars to teach the people, how about peace and love? Wars bring you more money and power, which is addicting like the web.

I learned Electrons is the only particle capable of movement from an atom, protons and neurons are stationary, only the negative particle is capable of movement.

Electricity flows from negative to positive, not the other way around. So negativity gives the world power, it’s a shame that negativity doesn’t listen to the world’s needs.

Figure out why this bug why the widgets won’t appear on the front page, I’m stupid and don’t have the time, I’m already trying to figure out the world, which is an impossible task…or don’t, your indifference will be no surprise to me. You probably want a fee… which is no surprise again.

Money makes the world go round…money is only a paper creation, that will destroy mankind along with religions hell bent on reaching Armageddon.

Ooops I digress