Rants for Ranting Sake




The MOTH is an acronym for Matters Of The Heart, and my rants are just that matters of the heart, I want to get off my chest.

The world today seems like a larger spaghetti bowl, every individual going their own way, and crossing the paths of others.
Much like the thoughts in the brain, every idea crosses the last idea, it means your thoughts be, either true or an error/lies.

There are too many variables to lock on one, or a couple, like straightening out each spaghetti strand it would take a very tedious task, and one that I will not attempt.

It’s a diverse world, and the diversity makes it beautiful, and complicated, but without diversity the world will be quite predictable and boring. I’m just ranting for ranting’s sake, trying to make a point.

Eventually, the spark of clarity will appear, and I’ll run with it, and eventually get boring again.

I’m thinking what’s the point? Sharing my thoughts, when someone commenting on it brings it into another light, that it isn’t what I meant, like teachings on scripture. They distort it beyond what was originally meant, by taking it out of the context they meant it in, to feed their agenda.

The modern religions today are littered with make shift messiahs peddling lies, they lock on to a truth, and rather be thankful for the grace of enlightenment, they sell it to the public giving their distorted view of it.
Like politicians, they sell it at a price, making you to serve them with the vote for a liar, and I think, if I was a politician, I would have to lie, cause you tell the truth, you’re bound to piss some one off, or someone assassinates you.

The world is a complicated mess, that’s what I’ve come to the conclusion, that the world is as it is, and anyone who tries to fix it, has an impossible task ahead of him/her.
Well, I believe nothing is impossible, you just are willing to not succeed, but never give up, cause there is always hope.

I can’t think of a clever ending, to make an ending point makes me want to give up, which makes me babble on to the point of boredom again.

So rather than bore you, I’ll say good bye.

Hopefully, I made a point in the lame attempt of ranting, and God will take over from here.