War again and again

War or Love


The thought of a peace by the seeds of war is just plain stupid, it disgusts me. The war mongers say they bring peace by victory, but I see it as more destruction and the call for revenge by the losers.

The cycle of violence that we make more wars, we never create peace, we only create defeat by making more suffering.

Gaza needs love to quell the thirst for revenge, Israel needs to quell their paranoia and feeding their destruction hunger. I woke to thoughts of love, faith, and hope today, but the bombing overnight said they killed over a 100. Yesterday was the ceasefire wasn’t it?
It wasn’t long lived.
This was the first video on youtube I looked at:


This was my morning, then I wanted to go out and mow my lawn, but I saw the ceasefire was broken in the morning also, so I didn’t feel like it.

Then I thought of giving up, so I thought of love again, and I said what goes good with love, so then I did a search on faith on youtube. When I get depressed, I’m a youtube junkie.

Then I watched this to restore my faith in mankind:

Then I saw this Richie Kotzen song called Faith, and it strengthened me.

Then I heard of 9 children killed in the playground, I took another hit on my character. It wiped my peace away. So hear is the Song called “Faith”:


Then I searched for hope on youtube, and the videos I looked at were a couple of songs, they might not be your cup of tea, but here they are:

Twista ft Faith Evans – Hope

Eric Bibb – Hope In A Hopeless World

Then I went looking through videos of the wars, all differing in facts and judgments, the number of dead, it just depressed me again. It seems the Ukraine wants to be in the spotlight as Gaza/Israel. They seem to be at the equal number of dead.

Hope in a Hopeless World, about sums it up for me.

“lookin’ for hope in a hopeless world…
tryin’ to ease my mind…
we got to listen to the voice inside
that speaks of love – don’t compromise
realise time is passin’ by”

So I’ll try to shrug off the hackers planting bugs in the system of WordPress, causing an infowar cause I say what they don’t want to hear. Israel is the biggest Antisemitic entity on the face of the earth, they accuse others of criticizing Israel of being antisemitic, but antisemitic includes Arabs as a Semite.

And they like to bomb Arabs to defend themselves, so they’re the biggest antisemitic entity on the planet.

To think peace will be achieved by war, is the most idiotic thought that society has thought up. It’s close to retard, I know you don’t like that, it’s not politically correct, but when you think of the illogical as the logical response, then besides calling you stupid or retard, I have no other choice.
I would like to talk to you as a person, but that won’t happen as long as your emotional madmen.

The emotional mind is closed to reason, I always was intrigued by Spock from Star Trek, not capable of emotions to taint his rational thinking, but we need emotions to strengthen our basic understanding of the world.

I’m just a normal soul spending my time here on the world, we all die…if I never understand death, then how will I understand life?