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Israel’s dilemma

Israel’s dilemma is a real headache, anyone got an aspirin?

This is old news from 2013, but it talks about Israel’s sins that they refuse to look at. They are proud and defensive. A mode that’s impossible to break, or to see their own wrongs cause they want to protect their pride. Let’s put out more stories on the conflict.

There is no political solution, politics is filled with lies. It’s a human condition that we want to solve, so humanitarian solutions need to be sought.

Humanitarian solutions is the way to solve all our problems, we need to curb our greeds and corruptions…it mostly is our love for money and power that causes death and destruction.



I believe this solution will be made, but what’s the price?

How much love will be spent, cause that’s the price not the money and the power. That’s just temporary, like this world is. We become obsessed by land and wealth, that we forget where we came from. To the ashes we return, this life is just a blink in the eye of God, it may be just 50-100 years to us, but it’s just a blink in the eye of God.

Time is irrelevant to God, we have to figure that out, and stop destroying ourselves. Making ash heaps on the fields of the world with wars and destructions.

We are better than that, we need to realize that we’re all part of this world. We should share it with others cause God gave it to us all, God didn’t give it to one people, God gave it to us all. If my using God is offending you, then you are offending me with your judgments, what God is as mysterious and I feel I will never know what or who God is.
God is mysterious as mysterious is, God is unknowable through power and greed, but God is knowable through love. God’s blessings abound in love.

Wars and destruction abound in greed and power, there is a scripture not by might or power but by my spirit, by seeking God’s spirit and not destruction by man’s hands, is the way towards a world filled with love and understanding.

This next video is Israel’s bias weighted, but it show’s the some truth, it’s one sided. The truth is the truth, everyone needs the truth to make an informed decision. All this one sided breeds non-rational decisions based on misinformations and disinformations. We need truth to come to a permanent solution that will evolve over time.



Maybe this will be the last ceasefire that we will ever need, I doubt it… but we must begin, a thousand mile journey begins with a step in the right direction.
Ok this is the last Jewish voice’s video.