UV Libraries vs MoviesAnywhere


MoviesAnywhere and UV Libraries… I was amazed by MoviesAnywhere, but I’m still perplexed and confused by UV Libraries. I have a lot of old DVDs that don’t have the codes.
UV codes are a hemorrhoids on my bowel chute.

MoviesAnywhere was so smooth and was easy to understand, but UltraViolet Libraries, are a bunch of shit, that lives in the clouds of the internet.

Some of the movies, I watch only once… but they’re there for company. GooglePlay Movies make it similar to UV, cause they create a family library, where 6 members including yourself… so it comes down to 5 members.

UV needs to get their head out of the clouds…and stop making it hard to understand to make it work.

They want me to work for their service… there is a price that they can’t reach.

I’ve been studying it for almost 6 months, and within 1 month, I came to understand the MoviesAnywhere, but I’ve yet to understand the UltraViolet… except for the greedy egos.

Their arrogance in their views, or maybe it’s my arrogance in my ignorance of the whole politics between studios.

Whatever it is, it’s the customers that come first.

We fork over the money, and they don’t hire us to do more work. They got their money they should develop a customer service dept, that has a basic level/layer where the customer is first and foremost, otherwise we’re just pissing our money down a bottomless pit.

MoviesAnywhere did that, it took awhile me to understand MoviesAnywhere, but once I did, it brought me to a place of peaceful understanding.

Someone needs to develop a way of sorting and making folders to put your favorites in. When you don’t want to get out of bed, cause life gets harder and harder to face everyday.

I wonder if the DVDs I bought at the grocery stores were legit, since they didn’t have the codes. I need to believe in something again, the politics is a dark crystal ball full of deceptions.


Politics is the culprit

The politics of money and power, is the culprit… politics is a liar. It’s the facts of life.

Since, I’m not privy to the politics involved, I should stop running my mouth. They’ve been in charge for far too long… the entertainment industry. They need to realize that they exist in power, only for the consumer. We give them that power… and we need to realize, that we have that power also.

They entertain us, but the glue that they entertain us with, is just a one way glue. As long as they’re on top, the glue holds, but when the public flips the glue is non effective.

I don’t buy DVDs anymore, and I haven’t been buying them for about 10 years, I’ve been buying digital copies of movies.

UV libraries needs to get their shit together.
Lions, Tigers, And Bears … oh my.