I Fell Down

2Rains – I Fell Down



This song was written from me and Mike (Drummer), and performed by Mike and me.

I can’t remember, if it was written before I fell in the rain.

Mike was in the studio, and I was on the ramp between the house and the studio, and had fallen out of the chair in the pouring rain.

Mike had the feeling I was in trouble, and showed up to retrieve my chair.

The rains made it difficult for me to check the chair with brakes…it was dark… it must’ve been close to 12 midnight. That’s when our  musical creative juices flowed.

Mike was inside working on a piece of music, not this song. All of a sudden he got thoughts of me, and was wondering where I was. I was so glad to see him.

I was riddled on the floor at the end of the ramp out of my wheelchair. I was going down the ramp, and ran into the post at the end of the ramp or in the middle, it all happened so fast… and I don’t remember what I had on my lap. That went flying too.

It was dark and heavily raining. It was the summertime, that’s the only plus side in this story.

It was in the early 90’s, so I don’t recall all the details… just that it was dark and heavily raining, and the quick stop of the chair. There was no moonlight… and we didn’t have motion lights either. I was laying on the asphalt, and I was getting wet.

Mike was my savior that night, but I’ve been his savior other nights… also his curser.  We all need insults to keep focus on life, and the situations that we face at times, otherwise our egos will take over, and get ourselves into more trouble.

So I don’t know if I wrote this before that night, or shortly after… but when I hear this, I go back to that night in my memories.