United Nations


Global Networking
is a Complicated Mess

Networking is a complicated task in itself, with wires connecting to other hardware until there is a working network, until you have a new piece of hardware you want to add to the network.

It’s the term of “scalable”, meaning there is a work around to growing more hardware to your network.

That’s what the UN is, in it’s all glory, where countries are the separate hubs connecting to each other, in the main centralized global hub(UN). Satisfied they have a global voice, in the dictations of their leaders of those countries.

Well, networking computers is a chore, that leaves me in a dumbfounded stare, and I want to solve the problems, to make the engines of networking to run again smoothly.

But there are other protocols, leaving the networking of hardware, and get back to the global hardware of the UN.

Countries can be seen as nodes, and their connections with the centralized Main Hub(UN), there are other protocols within the internationally of other cultures, within the separate nations, such as religions, political, ideals, languages, etc..

There’s so many conflicts with other hardware/nations, it needs to be tolerant and sincere, to workout the differences of the conflicts. If the errors pass through the system, it becomes a virus, which could make more errors down the line of the stream.

I’m only talking from the viewpoint of an idiot, trying to understand my life, and trying to make sense of the world I live in.

The world of the UN, is astronomical in my understanding of the world, I traveled in just Northern Hemisphere. In the western USSR, before it became Russia, and lost all the resources of all of the countries, that made up the USSR before.

That’s the way of empires, they go to war to solve their differences… and not truthful dialogues, it easier to kill someone, to get their way.

We need a UN for communication, to unite the world into, an either cyborg collective, or natural, the way God designed it, or Mother Nature, or one of the thousands of Gods of Hindu faith… it’s astronomical to the simple minded me, to understand.

And trying to convey my views to the world, through the internet in this blog, is even making it worse, or better. IDK.

The UN is the future of Global communications between nations of the globe(Earth). We have to see eye to eye, and the wars are killing the eyes, and the viewpoints, so we’re just having to stare at the problems, and have no one to listen to, or talk to, in a constructive design, rather than a destructive design.

War is a destructive design, it’s like children learning how to overcome their disagreements with others, by forgiving them for their mistakes… which I haven’t learned to master it, and I’m 66 years old.

I need forgiveness constantly with love and truthfulness, in mind and heart… the total of being.

Well, to get back to the subject of the UN, and how it can be a loving leader of truth and peaceful exchanges, or a despot of dictatorial authoritarianism, but nations of the UN, are making more of the united nodes. 

Languages are the start of the united nodes, everyone who speaks Arabic, and English speaking nodes, and so on and so on, until all are united throughout the world.

There might be conflicts with the common language nations, but they would have their way to see and settle differences, and then they communicate with the Central Hub(UN), but they have to start with the micro networking first, and design their protocols, and quell the errors, that come up with ignorant, that doesn’t know the protocols.

I’m talking like a technical idiot, but any tech wizard, can understand what I’m saying in their imaginative minds.

It might be out of focus to some, but what I’m saying, it might be a focuser, or might make it more blurrier.

Well, I need to hire somebody that has tech knowledge, cause my mind is all over the place, seeking out everything in the exchange of views, and I have very limited time left… I feel like a junk collector, I collect junk like a hoarder, but my organizational skills are on an empty tank… non existent.

We need an organization of mental hording and organizing, not the neuralinks way, but the natural way, without the tech attached to your head.

Anyway, I hope that I inspired you to think, about it, Global Communications and vastness of it, and how to make it more of a reality, than a monstrous challenge, that would chase you from thinking about it.

We need more loving and truthful thinkers, instead of profit seeking thinkers… I like their cleverness, but not their coldness of heart… love is where the heart thrives, I like living on the borders of coldness and warmness, cause I see both are good… God created them both together.

So, I see both good and bad of both sides, of the weights on the scales of life… it may make me wise in the end, but it’s a lot of work trying to understand it… which makes me sad in the end too, but I wouldn’t change the experience of it, it fulfills me.