TPP is secret, it’s like Obamacare

— TPP is secret, it’s like Obamacare, you have to pass it to read it —



Wikileaks revealed more of the TPP, it isn’t just about trade of commerce, it covers more than the trade deals. From what I understand from it, it’s a treaty with various nations, and equates corporations with nations. We went from corporate personhood to corporate nationhood.

What is different from a total all out fascist/corporatism/dictatorship?  I don’t see it stopping.

There are too many hands in the pot of power, and we all know how power corrupts, so who’s to say that power will give up their power, when the safety of the people come into the picture. It hasn’t before in history, without a war to wake us up.

With an economic madness going on in the world today, where the focal point is on the money, but what goes on behind the scenes of the money focal point, is what we should shine the light on.

I went into a rage after seeing this


Along with this



What’s different from a corporate dictatorship that rules by tyranny, taking away our freedoms to bring them profits, it enslaves our freedoms to serve their corporate wills, not as a collective, but an oligarchy.

If it was a true collective, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but when it’s a small group of corrupt corporate CEOs than I have a problem with it, it’s a dictatorship.

When is a dictatorship a bastion of freedom?

It is, when it’s their freedom, and the TPP is an advocate for their freedom.

I fell for the Obamacare debacle, and rest assured it will go the way of the long line of scams that were tried to be put over on the American people, but the TPP is the biggest scam, if we could believe the leaks that’s been coming over the wires lately.

The free trade agreements come with many conditions which is the sticky part of the agreements, like a spider’s web, the more you struggle the more you are trapped. As long as the public is blind to the details of the agreement, they don’t devise a path to get around the web or dictatorship, that is being setup or built.

I agree protecting the rights of the artists, but not the leeches that exploit them, they setup a copyright, but the amount of money is not only feeding the artist, but his/her exploiters too. Digital rights are replacing our natural rights, and we know that the digital world is only a virtual world, and the natural world will become digitized and be a virtual world to be played on the screen of the corporations to manipulate at will.


The TPP is the first step into that virtual world, I’m here to close the door to losing our sovereignty, and warn you to not pass this bill, well to fast track this bill, cause the fast track is putting us on the edge. It’s like the fiscal cliff, it might look scary, but you have to jump, and fast tracking this TPP bill is like selling your soul to the devil that jumps off the cliff.

You don’t know what you lost, till its gone.

Because we can’t read it, it’s like the Obamacare, before we know what it does, we have to pass it… please don’t pass this bill, or you surrender to the corporatists that thrive on dictations.

I tried to warn you before you went to war with Iraq, that it was only lies, but you had the audacity to be so proud that you couldn’t hear the rationality, over the noise of the war screams. A proud patriot is a blind and deaf warrior set to go to war, without a mind of his own.

Remember you’re signing away your rights away, when you joined the services, the nation came first, but you’re never allowed to question who is in charge of the nation.

Well, I say you’re a traitor to freedom, if you give up the right to think.

Somewhere around the time of the first world war when the Fed was created we lost our individual freedoms, and it’s been downhill since then… or maybe, we’ve been climbing like a rollercoaster and we’re almost at the peak, cause once we go over that peak then it’s gravity’s ride, and we are at the mercy of the forces for that ride.

Corporations are the forces we surrender to for that TPP rollercoaster ride. Do you trust them with your individual rights or sovereignty? You are signing over your nation’s sovereignty too, cause they have the right to go into a secret tribunal courts to sue govts all in the name of profit, like all fascist/corporatist/dictatorial states do, at the expense of our freedoms.

So think about it… I would worry, we learned from the Obamacare debacle, and we all know what a success that turned out to be.

I’m with the veterans healthcare, so I’m not to be fined from such an oppressive form of healthcare, but the tactics used to exploit their freedoms is like chaining us to the walls, which causes more stress and is unhealthy for the souls, you want to make healthy. I’ll tell you how healthy I am, when I’m paying my fine, which I can’t pay cause I’m unemployed… I’m advocating for someone that is capable of being fined for not having healthcare/Obamacare.

I  became a bastion of truth when I was crippled, and some found me rude and insensitive, but I stuck to the truth even if it brought me down. I would rather be hurt from the truth, cause the healing is quick and sure, but the healing from lies is long and expensive… the secrecy of the TPP is what I don’t trust.

What is it they’re hiding?

What’s wrong with this picture? The TPP is the answer.




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