Age and Terminologies ; The dynamics of Humanity

— Age and Terminologies —


Age and terminologies change the dynamics of the world we live in, sometimes to the extremes like a strong winds of a storm, and sometimes the light winds of a summer breeze, but the overall effect is, it changes the dynamics of your life.

What was once sin became an enlightened sin. Sin was a bad word when I didn’t understand it, but once it became enlightened to me it became another word for an error, a mistake that could give rise to major catastrophe, if that error goes unchecked.

What took me 5 minutes 30 years ago, now takes me a half hour to an hour with the age factor… as my time gets shorter the speed of time increases, it goes to the metaphorical terminology that we come into the world as babies and leave like babies, unless we meet a violent death such as an accident, but that is like a baby too, just a Cesarian birth.

The words I had as a kid, is the same words I have as an adult, but I understand them differently. What they meant to me as a kid, they mean something totally different. The example I have is SIN, it has religious connotations when I was a kid, and once I related to see it as God would see it, I no longer feared it, and saw it as a wrong in my life, no more than an error, a mistake. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, as all men and women do.

I’ll first list the terminologies that changed in my life, and took more understandable forms rather than a shallow understanding, but I want to explore the deeper meaning of the words, and I want to talk about the aging principle that it takes longer to do something, as when you were younger, you lost the agility of youth, so you no longer are quick and sure, but decrepit and slower.


List of Perspectives of the Age and Terminologies

Perspective is one word that has taken on a new terminology, it was based on illusions when I first learned the meaning of it, but it also explained to me of all the religions of the same God, each with a different perspective, cause God is vast and covers the whole universe… or my view of God.

Well my perspectives have changed over time with aging.

Your God might be Jesus, but Jesus said “And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God“, that turned me off the Catholic faith, but I didn’t condemn Catholics, I just felt that they were misled.

Your religion is the religion that you commune with God in spirit of truth, not in a church.


Religions of the Age and Terminologies

Religions is another terminology that has changed in my life, I was raised a Catholic and what type of sins, mortal sin was the worst, and I feared getting one on my life.

I managed to get one at the age of six, when I didn’t go to church on Sunday, cause we visited my Grandparents for the weekend in New Jersey. I knew that mortal sins was unforgivable to God, I was off the mark on that, or I should say Catholicism was off the mark on that one.

A God so loving and forgiving could not forgive me for not going to church, who came up with that idea? It was probably someone from the Inquisition days, where they burned witches or someone they suspected of being a witch. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and we were normal people, with occasional problems, and I realized that religions were man made, and God did not set them up, not willingly, they were man’s creations.


Stumbling Blocks of Judgment

They were filled with dogmas and traditions that were designed by men and imposed on their followers as a religion, and that’s all they were. I saw the fellowship of the religions a good thing, but the gossip was the devil’s work. Christians judging others by gossip and hearsay, was a bad thing. The fellowship is a good thing where the people who believe in the same thing gather and study the messages of Jesus or some other prophet, but once I read the bible for the first time at 20 years old, Jesus said before he died that the Holy Spirit would come after him, and he would “teach you all things” not a few things, but ALL things.

So I became a full disciple of Jesus, not your Jesus, but my Jesus taught to me by the holy spirit, not by man/woman, but I could relate to the mindset of Muhammad, he was an emotional wreck that saw Jesus as a prophet too, but not in the crucifixion of Jesus, that was about 600 years after the fact, and the Muslim religion was born. The Catholics believed Jesus was raised into heaven too with the Ascension. I don’t know how Jesus was raised into heaven, but I know he went to prepare a place for us.

I know he is coming back, but when, not even the angels know, but if I die before then, I’ll have faith I’ll be resurrected, and try to live a good life then, it’s hard when sin runs rampant around here today.


Education of the Age and Terminologies

Education is close to indoctrination, but indoctrination has a different meaning, training instead of education. Where one accepts the doctrines and practices of a govt. Education has been replaced by indoctrination, with the new quotas by the common core, it seems like an indoctrination to success, but is more like a chain around their neck.

I was never into school, I could learn to read and do math, but I always felt it was punishment to be locked away for 7-8 hours everyday, but we had the summers off. What education was that, the fellowship was good, where I could go everyday and meet my friends… but other than that, I didn’t want to be there.

It seems the education system is going backward and making us dumber, and indoctrinating puppets that serve the big buck.


Losing Memory with Age and Terminologies

Losing Memories is a sign of age, and Alzheimer’s induced by prescription drugs, I suspect, but mostly age. There are some who’s minds stay sharp and vigorous, but they are rare, usually those who eat good.


Diets of Age and Terminologies

Diet of the individual is a sign of good health or bad health… and I strongly believe that. When I eat red meats as a normal meal, I feel lethargic and sick by the second or third meal, the meal is good, but digesting it is a chore for my system.
I started the spirulina craze, it’s an algae based powder, it tastes awful but has a strong high PH level from 8-13, so it’s very alkaline depending on the batch.

I feel good after I eat it, but the other processed food that I eat, I feel lethargic and have a hard time digesting it, mostly from the other additives and preservatives in it, I suspect.

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates



Aging Gracefully

The aging process makes you move more slower, and your reflexes less reflexive and more of a drag, the reaction times get longer and longer. I just notice what took me 5 minutes to get out of bed, now takes me anywhere from a half hour to an hour to get in the wheelchair with all the stuff that makes me feel good. I mean to dress while laying down in the bed, it took 5 min about 10 years ago and now it takes 30 minutes, to an hour somedays.

The decrepit movements get more and more, fighting age is the most depressive aspect of aging, and the weakening of the muscles is constant now, and the atrophy is worse, I’m shrinking.

The wisdom is growing at an exponential rate, it could be deceiving and could be raising the complacencies dangers… whatever it is, I/we should be on guard.


Thoughts of the World’s Age and Terminologies

The thought of the world as a baby spirit, that we raise to become an adult. But we abused it as a baby, more than we know, and are in constant denial of that fact.

We have to admit it, if it is ever going to change for the better… or we could go on living in denial, and when the consequences of our actions show up demanding we pay for our actions, when we can’t ignore it anymore, the denials won’t save you, and you have to deal with it, when you were confronted with it before, but you refused to see or hear.

We deal with the world on a physical level and deny it’s spirituality, the world cries out from ecologists and the like, revealing what we do to hurt it physically, which causes it pain spiritually. It’s like feeling emotional pain, that’s our spiritual side, that’s beyond our five senses of our physical feelings.

We take the resources and sell them, and look to go to another planet, and steal from them too, when does it stop, that we don’t appreciate what we have.

Everything doesn’t have a price, to get, to stuff your pockets with. Anything you do that is altruistic, you only do it as a photo op. It’s to gain more power on the backs of the people that your ride. I’m getting a little judgmental, but you need to hear it, if you’re ever going to change.


Age and Terminologies : Rants Unprepared

I started this rant unprepared. Also, I wanted to talk about aging and the vocabularies that we use. How the words meant one thing in the beginning, and how they changed to your understandings of them, as you aged. Which I quickly lost control over, as I went on, and lost the momentum. Cause it was too big to roll.

I’m stuck in a rut of no direction…no goals on the horizon, no focal point to progress to… I petered out and have no motivation to finish.

There is a parable saying something about that, the one about the 4 seeds. I was so excited, when I started this, and burned out quickly. Or maybe the audience is the seeds. I don’t know why I came up with that parable.

I’m so stony, there isn’t much good dirt in me. I have a lot of prideful issues, which makes me stubborn. I couldn’t get rooted, and ended up dying in it.

So be aware in the future, when you start something, always have a root in what you’re talking about. Or you’ll lose interest and die, and so will your audience.


Age and Terminologies

Dave Matthews Song : You Never Know…

Maybe you can figure this song out. To me, it means give it all you got, and dream the dreams till you die… and never give up. I get tired of saying that everyday, but I know I won’t regret it in the end.



“You Never Know”  

Sitting still as stone watching – watching
People walking by you wondering why
No one ever stops to talk or thinks about it – if they ever did
What if God shuffled by?

One day we might see
Doing not a thing
Breathing just to breathe
We might find some reason

But rushing around seems what’s wrong with the world
Don’t lose the dreams inside your head
They’ll only be there til you’re dead

Lying on the roof counting
The stars that fill the sky I wonder if
Someone in the heavens looking back down on me – I’ll never know
So much space to believe

Funny when you’re small
The moon follows the car
There’s no one but you see
Hey, the moon is chasing me

I worried if I looked away she’d be gone
Don’t lose the dreams inside your head
They’ll only be there til you’re dead

Walking through the wood
No cares in the world
The world has come to play
She’s all mine just for a day

There’s not a moment to lose in the game
Don’t let the troubles in your head
Steal too much time you’ll soon be dead
So play

All fall down
It won’t be so long now
Out of the darkness comes light like a flash
You think you can you think you can
Sometimes that is the problem
Dream little darling dream

Spinning on the wind
The leaf fell from the limb

But everyday should be a good day to die
Oh all fall down
It won’t be too long now
Every fire dies
I find it hard to explain how I got here
I think I can I think I can
Then again I will falter
Dream little darling dream

Spinning on the wind
The leaf fell from the limb