FB’s influence on Society

— FB’s influence on Society —


Mark Zuckerberg’s FaceBook is addicting to the narcissistic qualities in us all, we all have that tint of narcissism, like the dark side has that tint of light, and the light side has that tint of darkness, they call it the yin and yang of the nature of mankind. It’s true, to what degree is the questionable aspect of its credibility.

I see it as a matrix tool, to what degree is questionable, the matrix has been in the mind of the public, since the movie of the same name, maybe not to same degree of this scene.

Matrix 4 is coming…the story is secret though.

This video by someone from ColdFusTion


FascistBook would be a better name of it, according to some people with a grudge they carry. Though they make some good points, I would like to defend Mark Zuckerberg and claim he isn’t the mastermind of this evil creation. It’s a conglomerate of people that have grown wild, with a mix of govt agencies experiments on the public, with that ultimate clause of deniability, so that no one is accountable.

It’s the practices of the info wars crews, the psy ops soldiers. The deceptions going on FB everyday, everyday since I was there, what I heard of them before, was even worse. I saw the gamers getting mad, that I didn’t want to play their games. When they wanted to lie to me, as if the people they told me, wanted me to play, but I exposed their scheming ways.

There were no invitations, the gamers were playing us, the public. I don’t know if FB is bad or good, it contains a lot of both. It’s evident that the money/profits controls what goes on FB. The censorship of the news feed was what I was against, they fed what they thought I wanted according to algorithms with variables that they programmed in. Which is what corporations dreamed up as a tool of manipulations, feed them what they want you to know…it’s all predictable outcomes.

I hate being manipulated, as anyone would.

Ignorant of manipulations makes you feel like a fool… when you find out it is true.

I woke up to the other side of the coin, there’s more than a duality to this world… it carries many faces and sides, many masks and realities, an endless number of choices too, with dead ends too.

This world will carry me to the grave, but not quick enough… I’m depressed, do I hide it well?


FB, I quit at the beginning of February, and I haven’t had the mind to visit something I’ve seen as a ferry to the other side of life. The people mindlessly boarding the boat, and playing their games and sharing their thoughts, which is good, but not without the scenes going on in the background, filling their databases with your actions and info. It gives them weapons of manipulations to play on you in the future with your ignorance of the facts, that you’ve forgotten you gave them.

Don’t tell me, I’m paranoid, I thought of them, so it shows I thought of them, as others have thought of it too. Do you trust me to not act on it, someone who has profits in his head, I would not trust to not act on it. Ethics takes a backseat to the profit drivers, and they don’t like backseat drivers.

They get more power over you and the world, and after another decade of mindlessly following the status quo, it appears to me, as if you’re zombies going off to another war with some mindless chant that should show your patriotic fervor, but it’s the same things as the Native Americans war cries… just senseless noise fueling your emotional needs.

I’m getting madder as I type this… It just depresses me what the world has become, I had dreams in the beginning of my life, and the world was always changing… especially the technology, with the move towards the singularity where the progress accelerated exponentially, it left you behind, if you didn’t keep up with the new technological methods.

Eventually I’d give up to indifference, which is a natural occurrence, which makes you depressed and more indifferent to everyday situations. It’s like going back and forth in a rut that grows deeper with every change of direction, till you can’t climb out anymore.

I’m getting to the point of no return, which is what I didn’t want to get to… I’m at the edge, is there a path that goes down in the canyon, or should I jump and flap my wings. The choices of madman or an explorer, you decide.

I’ll leave my choice as a mystery… or it’s my cowardly uncertainly ways… I can’t make a decision. So I’ll sit and ponder what to do and which way to go.

If FB started out as it was designed for, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it’s been bought and sold millions of times that Zuckerberg has been spun so dizzily, he doesn’t know what he said at Harvard anymore. He’s trying to make sense of the speed of the climb too.

The mind spinning with each transaction of the thoughts, is what I’m talking about. Million revolutions per year/decade is what the rpm reads… the number can change at anytime, it needs the corporations OK to proceed.