Thank You For Being My Dad

— Happy Father’s Day , Dad —


Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there.


We grow up missing our Fathers that left this world, and some we wish the hell that they deserve and not deserve. I’m grateful for the Father I had in this world, and want to pass on my best wishes for his journey to be another form of the being, that he was in this world… along with his death partner, my Uncle Ray, I found it personal that Ray passed a few days before my Father.

Ray was a lawyer in this life…enough said.



I was blessed with love and truth, my Mom played a part in that, the truth part. The pressure to tell the truth in my life, was a heavy burden. Dad helped me carry that burden, he said that if told the truth, I wouldn’t be in trouble … No matter how bad it was.

I told him the truth more than I wanted to, and I learned, the truth set me free, I didn’t have the ties of lies to trip me up, and I was free to move at my will.

Another thing I got from my Dad was a sober mind, and I wasn’t a drunk… I mean I’ve gotten drunk and spun around in drunken stupor, and puked out my stomach, in my younger days, but I always remembered my talks with Dad.

He told me how stupid drunk he was, and sitting on a park bench and he finally said no more.

He also shared with me that when he knew he was getting drunk, his voice would raise in volume levels, he would talk very loudly, that’s how he knew he had more than enough to drink.

So when I was feeling drunk, I noticed I was following him, with talking loudly, and quickly stopped my drinking.

So I’m glad my Dad shared with me about his drunken ways, cause I noticed the same things with me, and that kept me sober minded.

He encouraged me in all that I wanted to do, no matter how bad I was, he supported me no matter how bad I sounded.

He said he was proud if I was doing what I loved. I many times had to change the direction I was pursuing, but he was always cheering me on. I wish I could write a song that he was proud of, but I loved rock and he loved the big band sound.

I would like to sing the following song to say good bye and thank you for being my Dad, there’s so much that I didn’t say to thank you.