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It’s A Cage

2Rains – It’s A Cage This song is lyrically depressing, but lyrically freeing in the end. It’s about the life filled with laws and regulations, being a cage, and that we stare out at the world outside, of that cage feeling imprisoned, which is the depressing part. We need freedom to open that cage at …

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Humans : Mechanisms of Society

— Humans : Mechanisms of Society  —   This is a deep thought, that I want to record, humans are the mechanisms of society. Society being the interactions of the populations. I had this thought at 19 years old, and it festered in me and transformed, and transformed, until it stopped transforming, and became what …

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Corporations vs Religions

— Corporations vs Religions —   The irony of Profits vs Prophets… there isn’t much difference, and neither should be involved in politics. Each are seeking influence in the state’s laws to protect the populations, and that dilutes its protective properties of the law, and the lawyers are the solvents that break up the laws, …

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