Corporations vs Religions

— Corporations vs Religions —


The irony of Profits vs Prophets… there isn’t much difference, and neither should be involved in politics.

Each are seeking influence in the state’s laws to protect the populations, and that dilutes its protective properties of the law, and the lawyers are the solvents that break up the laws, and could be manipulated to serve the loopholes that were revealed in the solvency of the doubletalk that make up the laws.

The lawyers are the servants of corporations, instead of the people. There is a handful of lawyers that serve what’s right, and not the money that serves the corporation’s profits.

Vice News did a piece on, Religion should it be involved in politics?



The corporations are following the profits, no matter where they lead, no matter what their costs to the people. They live by the taxes, but they don’t want to pay taxes… it cuts into its profits for their shareholders/followers.

This video by Watch. Ed. – The New System: Money and Influence in American Politics



The not seeing corporations as a religion, and a way of life with money as their God, and the profits that rain down from heaven with their practices, raising more followers towards the steep fiscal cliff that they fall off flapping their arms trying to fly.

I have one more video speaking of the dangers ahead, I agree with it, not 100%, but more of it than not I agree with.

One that I don’t agree with is the idolization of Obama, as a savior, which is a brainwashing technique, and trying to influence young children and further the left stranglehold, along with the right stranglehold strangling the nation’s pride, where our speech is silenced with ignorance, and distractions from the media. The corporations have bought the elections for at least while I’ve been alive, when it was taken over, I looked back at history, and we’ve never been free.

Only living under the delusions of freedom, and we continue to kill to be free…or we choose the defense term that we have to die to be free. Which is a stupid thought, I would’ve killed myself a long time ago, if that was true. We have to hear the truth and accept it, to be free.

The REGCESSION Documentary talks about the regulations causing the recession, and the corporations role in that… it’s a very contaminated system that we drink from… it’s not the water of life. It’s bottled water which is not pure water, it’s just bottled water bottled by corporations. The water of life from religions isn’t pure water either, it’s just recycled water with their contaminant’s by prideful and egocentric interpretations.

Whether it’s religion’s or corporation’s water, they want to sell it you as a commodity, when they would be better to leave it alone in the spiritual world… that is the water of life.