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Lust is Rust to Love


— Lust is Rust to Love : A Relationship in Danger —   Every relationship is a new vehicle to carry you both to your destination. The rust starts to form from the first sexual encounter. You need to check the progression, and stop it in its tracks. You need to oil it with the …

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The Traps of Political Ideologies


— The Traps of Political Ideologies: Republicans and Democrats —   The traps of political ideologies, meaning a party name, that we align our nature to. It doesn’t matter if they are virtuous or malicious. The numbers give us security. The meaning that we belong to something bigger, is supposed to give us comfort. The …

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Goodbye Petrodollar RIP


— Goodbye Petrodollar RIP : 2016, or at least predicted to die — 02/07/2016 by Tomidjah We Are Change   I learned of the petrodollar as the reason of the invasions of Iraq and Libya. I don’t know when I learned of it, I’m guessing before my stroke in 2004. I learned a lot more …

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Fracking explained, or Fracking exposed

Fracking dilemma     I learned that the fracking water is sent back down to plug up the cracks…I thought they shipped it somewhere else to dispose of it. This is troubling if it’s true, I don’t know what’s true anymore, and the population is like a chicken with it’s head cut off looking to …

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