Fracking explained, or Fracking exposed

Fracking dilemma



I learned that the fracking water is sent back down to plug up the cracks…I thought they shipped it somewhere else to dispose of it. This is troubling if it’s true, I don’t know what’s true anymore, and the population is like a chicken with it’s head cut off looking to feed on the $$$$.

$$$$ doesn’t bring happiness, it brings comfort and you get fat from doing nothing, but feed your comfort zone.




Fracking, is what I learned, I don’t know nothing about it, but the human condition I know about. Not all about it, but I know more than the average man. I sit and watch the other humans, doing work or judging another group of humans, not by choice, to give feedback on what I observe.

Feedback when someone isn’t in the mood for feedback is excruciatingly painful to find the right words to break that shell, and let the truth in, but you need a dialogue, rather than an argument, discussing facts rather than assumptions.

If the oil or gas is embedded in the rock, I would be questioning what’s it lubricating or shock absorbing, and when we evacuate it from the rock, what takes it’s place? Is it lubricating or shock absorbing with what we replace it with, is it toxic to the future generations, cause the future generations will carry the cross we put on their backs. We should supply a safe environment not one that has been raped of its resources.

We look at the benefits not the consequences, I look at the benefits not the consequences in owning property, I get caught in too much work without the help, mainly the “consequences”, the making plans is the “benefits”… I looked at the benefits without looking at the consequences.

Whatever they discover from fracking, they don’t want to reveal what’s the chemical make up of the water they use and who know what the toxicity was ,when they were experimenting, when no one was looking. It’s a new science they do a lot of things wrong when it’s not regulated.

40 years is like the first day in the science dept, let’s hope the next few weeks we won’t have the problems from the first day.