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The New Hacker

— Hackers can be white and black — Watching on what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, I don’t want to refer black as bad, though it’s dark and in the shadows. The black hat hackers are deviously minded, the white hat hackers are trying the alleviate the security pressures from the black hat hackers. They …

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Crypto PHP null object infections

— CryptoPHP null object infections —   Backdoors for hackers to get in wreak havoc on your website, they could be contained in plugins and themes, I think other things, but what do I know. They could be obtained from new users, I don’t know WordPress, or the workings of this new system for me …

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FEAR mongering gone wild

— FEAR mongering gone wild — The thought of fear mongering destroying the world, is a classic scene. When paranoia runs wild, it leaves a trail of rampant destruction. Knowing what we do of contagious nature of Ebola, and the different strains developed in the laboratories, it seems ludicrous that healthcare workers take trips around …

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