The New Hacker

— Hackers can be white and black —

Watching on what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, I don’t want to refer black as bad, though it’s dark and in the shadows. The black hat hackers are deviously minded, the white hat hackers are trying the alleviate the security pressures from the black hat hackers. They fight each other and we gain as a society…or detrimentally lose the quality of life.

I was going to write about Ferguson tonight, but I see the biases feeding the distortions and making the story more distorted. So I figured since the hackers are fresh in my mind, I chose to write about that. No more racist views, you could be purple, but if you treat me right, then I will treat you right.

I’ve been attacked by hackers who have too much time on their hands, and saw it their duty to censor me, which I’m against more that their SPAM. The backdoors they placed in themes and plugins through the CryptoPHP infections, in fact I don’t know what power WordPress has over my computer.

If their plugins writers are making infected backdoors that they can get control of, what must be the power of WordPress? I know it’s an authoring program, and is supposed to give us power, but I don’t know anymore.

Spam is just annoying like a fly buzzing around your head, and their agenda is as mysterious as God, it must be hidden so that we blame them for everything wrong in the world. My suspicions are that they create the AI (artificial intelligence) of society, or not.

The more I block, the more I get, they must have an agenda. I’m waiting to see if they’ll run out of servers for Spam, it must be getting expensive for nothing, but to harass. Maybe they have a hidden agenda, and it has to do with AI.

Whatever it is, I hope it leaves society alone and not enslave us, no on deserves that.