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New Privacy Statements Digested


— New Privacy Statements Digested — 09/24/2016 New privacy statements that if you agree to, you’re giving them permission to change at their whims. How many changes that we’re subject too. I got a privacy statement from Netflix tonight, and I had to agree to it to go on watching Netflix. It was 45 pages …

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Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott Amazon

amazon prime

— Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott of buying from Amazon — UPDATE – I left Amazon with a note telling them I was displeased with their commercials, and I received this response apologizing patronizingly for me being bothered. Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Amazon Digital Support. I understand your concern regarding commercials with Amazon …

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Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix

— Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix app —   I keep coming up with these errors on the Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick for the Netflix app, the ui-113 and the nw-2-5. Which is written by Amazon, according to the Netflix rep that I talked to. The Amazon reps seem all polite and …

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The Future of TV

future of tv

— The Future of TV : Youtube, Internet TV, ETC. — Sling TV Update: After spending a night on Sling and going through the on demand videos, I have a problem with it not remembering where you left off , with a resume play button. That’s the only thing missing. I’m sure there are more …

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