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Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories

— Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories : Selective Memories — 09/02/2016 For music Click Here (Schindler Lists-  Remembrances)   Did you ever have a reminiscing of the same event, that your Parent had a completely different recollection of? I had one of those memories, that my Mother had a different recollection of, but I forgot what it …

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Algorithmic Manipulations taking Over

algorithmic manipulations

— Algorithmic Manipulations taking Over —   The world is being taken over by algorithmic manipulations by different tech companies, vying for a place in power on the proverbial hill. Google’s being one of them, and they go further and further into the shadows, while their inventions, go further into the spotlight. Google got into …

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Technological Milestones

— Technological Milestones —   Well, they tested a rocket for 9 minutes that will be used in deep space explorations on the way to Mars and beyond… with the Space Launch Systems.   [mks_separator style=”dotted” height=”2″]   More down to Earth explorations with iOS and Android systems, this is a video discussing the history …

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Remember the dead and kill some more, I’m disgusted by this day. Not because of the dead, they are free from this madness, and we’re willing to kill more for profit and power. This practice seems acceptable, when you don’t get mad, and keep making the same mistakes over and over again. “We …

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