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1,977 Acres of the Illegal Settler’s Land,

Is Now the State of Israel Land. I guess it being illegal by international law, since you’re chosen by God, it doesn’t apply to you… or the other zionists in that Ego trap. I guess we should be thankful for God, for having mercy on your distorted Judaism, that you hijacked with zionist dreams and …

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The Right of Return, No Matter What Race

Israelis or Palestinians It doesn’t matter what race you are, you want to return where your ancestors were living for centuries, even millennia, without deeds, you’re shit outta luck, pertaining to the legalities of ownership. We have Israelis and Palestinians battling over the same land, with terrorism on both sides of the conflict. I woke …

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Lamentations of the WorldWideWeb


— Lamentations of the WWW : The weight is heavy — 10/28/2016   It seems the lamentations are many on the world wide web. Also, it seems when one problem is solved, another problem seeps up through the cracks. A world of propagating problems, like an orgy in labor multiplying at an astronomical scale. The …

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Alone We Are Weak and Fragile

— Alone We Are Weak and Fragile, But Together we Are Invincible —     Alone I’m fragile and weak, but with the like minded, I’m an unstoppable force of change. That’s why I’m a hermit. I would do more damage than blessings to the world, I’m a monster in hiding. A cute cuddly monster …

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