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Fascia vs Fascism.

The body uses Fascia to hold your body together, Much like Fascism holds the societal body together. I‘m deep, and I’m depressed, but that’s my low point of the wave, but I also have high points of the wave… like a boat passing by it leaves a wake, that effects other boats, or the shore… …

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New Privacy Statements Digested


— New Privacy Statements Digested — 09/24/2016 New privacy statements that if you agree to, you’re giving them permission to change at their whims. How many changes that we’re subject too. I got a privacy statement from Netflix tonight, and I had to agree to it to go on watching Netflix. It was 45 pages …

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Panic settings, live them with cheer!

panic attack

— Panic attack settings, live with them, with cheer in your Heart! —   I went online to FB, and wanted to turn off the notifications that I’m online. It seems that is no way in settings, it’s on the main page, “turn off chat” is all I had to do. Put it in “Settings” …

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