Fascia vs Fascism.

The body uses Fascia to

hold your body together,
Much like Fascism holds
the societal body together.

boat wakeI‘m deep, and I’m depressed, but that’s my low point of the wave, but I also have high points of the wave… like a boat passing by it leaves a wake, that effects other boats, or the shore…

But I saw a youtube video, talking about fascia, and its support of the human physical body, and it brought up the thought of fascism to the societal body too.

I’m not a fascist, but see use for it, within the societal bodies, to bind the communications between the various business nodes/nerves of society, which is a good thing, before it gets infected by the corrosive properties of corruption.

I’m weird, and I look at life weirdly, cause that is God to me… a weird life, always puzzling, that I have to solve before I die, or wake up to a new life… a knew grade in the school of life.

individual waveEverything in life comes in waves, along the lines of Tesla’s discoveries, where he said:
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

This is one individual representation of a person, but when it’s in masses, you need an organization to keep it together, hence Fascism, a healthy Fascia to keep it together, and beneficial to society… or the fleshly physical body.

It always made me a cynical thinker, with strong ethical properties, that has made me suffer, more times than not inside of this soul. I’m not on the road of whining victimhood, but I was last night, after I saw the news of the Gaza war.

Cause I see every nation, as a physical body, and the correlations with the human body’s anatomy, and between fascia and fascism.

It’s alright, if it is healthy, and in control… but wars/aches going on, means there’s something’s wrong… you need therapy/diplomacy to mend the wounds.

I go through these moment when it’s all clear to me, and I speak with clarity, those are different from my demonic wars/pains going on, where I look, and sound like a possessed demon… spouting gibberish and no one can understand me… which is what I sounded like last night, after I was in  session with the TV news on youtube.

It’s personally depressive… but I have to watch it… some say ignore it, it only causes stress, but I say you have to work to feel like your contributing to the society at large… when that society is causing you stress, it’s only reflex actions to find that comfortable spot… your Zen… “”perceiving the true nature” of oneself”.

I never knew about bodily Fascia, but I found it interesting, and saw the correlations between the physical body, and the societal bodies, nations/countries.

I’m weird, but interesting, if you listen to me.