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Conspiracy Talk

AI is a Hungry Monster, Like a Vicious Beast We design our world, with the words/thoughts, we use in our minds, and want to turn over that job to the AI beast, or lover… you choose the term. At first it seemed innocent and entertaining, cause it filled our needs, but then greed entered the …

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Trees – We Are Free – 1984

Trees – We Are Free – 1984   I went by the band name Trees in 1984, before I switched to the name  Rain, when I moved back to New York to start the Recording Studio. I was a rookie, and on the cutting edge… which was a mistake. I did everything in this song… …

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Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ?

— Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ? —     A decadent view of life itself. We’re gods, does nothing, but expand the ego, and belittle the world around us. Where we see only ourselves. I believe the premise, that we are gods, but not the premise being displayed here. The fact, that …

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