Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ?

— Biotechnology : The Canvas of Life Itself ? —



A decadent view of life itself.

We’re gods, does nothing, but expand the ego, and belittle the world around us. Where we see only ourselves. I believe the premise, that we are gods, but not the premise being displayed here. The fact, that it’s true, doesn’t make it the right way that we look at things.

In other words, so that you understand the premise that I deliver, you see a way of getting round some obstacle in your path, but decide on plowing through the obstacle, and whatever that obstacle was that you saw, is destroyed and is no more. You could’ve went around it, and not destroyed it.

Years later you’ll see, that you should’ve never destroyed it.

It = Genome

Years ahead with the dallying on human genome with our impatience, is reckless and heartless, to say the least.

In the reckless experimenting with biotechnology, we destroy ourselves. It will be too late after the fact, to restore the blessings that we destroyed in our egomaniacal ways.


Jason touches upon some important facts, and I agree with him, but not to the extremes, that he views it as.

Not to bad mouth Jason, cause he brings up some interesting facts, that I never would have thought of before in the light that he shines on the subject at hand.

His light may be viewed under the red light, that makes invisible all the red details, but uncovers the lost details that are not red, such as the true blue details.

” The red hat is absorbing all of the colors of the white light except the red. The red color reflects off of the hat and travels to our eyes. We see red. “


Colors are the details of life itself. Don’t filter life with censorship and tyranny, or you’ll live a life in constant war. Perpetual war, is what we want to live in a perpetual hell. Our goals should be peaceful and respectful to others.

I’m not preaching, oh heck I am preaching… see it and say it.  I can’t help what I see.